Keeping your Anonymity

So you don’t want to be recognised but you really want to cam or become a content creator.  How can you manage this without blocking your entire Country and losing out on customers?

If you’re having photos taken (even selfies, see our Selfie Guide here), creating some movies or on DirectCam, here are some ideas to protect your anonymity.

  • Masks like these can still show off your beautiful face but keep it hidden enough so you won’t be recognised.  Go wild with some stunning Venetian masks.



  • Try out a party wig.  You can usually find some bright colours to make you stand out from the crowd while still keeping your natural hair colour hidden.


  • Cover up your tattoos if you think someone might recognise them – use clothing to cover them up or make sure you stand in the right position to keep them hidden.  You can get some great makeup that is specifically created for covering tattoos.
  • Add a temporary tattoo, just for the duration of the cam show, photoshoot or movie.

Great tips, what else?

  • Remove any recognisable jewellery for the time you spend on cam or while you’re creating your content.
  • You can take photos with your face just out of shot if you really don’t want to be recognised.  You can add a face photo into your Private Gallery so that only those willing to subscribe to your Private Gallery can see your beautiful features.
  • Don’t discuss your exact location or give away personal details to protect your anonymity.  See our Ultimate Webcam Guide for more handy tips from our members.
  • You can offer phone sex and keep your number totally anonymous by using DirectChat.


Shhhh … no one ever has to know your naughty secret 😉


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