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The Sweet Addition to Our Team!💜

How long have you been in the business, and what keeps you motivated?

I have been in the adult business as a lap dancer for the last 10-plus years. I’ve worked all over England in different strip clubs. I’ve always enjoyed working as a lap dancer and the freedom of being able to work where I want when I want and not be tied to any particular workplace. The main thing to be completely honest that keeps me motivated is the money. If you put in the hours regularly, work hard and don’t give up trying when you’re at the strip club, you can earn good money as a lap dancer. I joined Adultwork as a webcam performer in 2020, so 3 years ago now. With webcamming what motivates me is the money-earning potential and knowing I need to be online regularly so I can consistently meet new customers and gain returning regular customers. I want to be good at my job, earn good money and build a great Adultwork profile page with lots of positive feedback.

What about you, or what you do, has helped with your success?

As well as getting lots of dances when you’re a lap dancer, if you work hard, you do get knocked back quite a lot too.
Being a self-employed dancer we don’t get paid a wage to be there, the same with webcamming. There can be a lot of competition with other dancers in a strip club so if you don’t keep trying you won’t make as much money each night. However, it’s made me more resilient to rejection so it doesn’t faze me too much if I have quiet days on cam or I don’t get chosen for a webcam show after customers have been in my free mode cam. I just keep trying until I get chosen again and keep my spirits up that the next day will hopefully be busier for me. I’m not a quitter, I don’t give up easily. I also become a very flirtatious and sexy person when I get into work mode. I am very open minded sexually and quite kinky. I like to give it my best with every show I do because I want the customer to be happy at the end of the session so hopefully they return for a show with me again another time and also leave me positive feedback. I really enjoy being on cam and chatting to different people in my free mode and I think that comes across well to the customers. As the saying goes “You get out what you put in. Don’t expect more until you do more”.


What made you choose AdultWork? When did you join?

In March 2020 the world went into covid lockdown so obviously the strip clubs closed. I wanted to work so I thought I’d give webcamming a try. A few years previously to me joining, a girl I used to dance with was a cam model on Adultwork and she used to tell me how well she used to do with  making money on cam and how much she enjoyed it. So when I thought about camming I remembered her words. I researched online a few different cam sites but a lot was American which I didn’t really want, I seen Adultwork pop up and it seemed the most attractive one to join. So after I did a little more research on Adultwork I joined in the lockdown of 2020.

If you jumped in a time machine and went back to when you first started, what advice would you give to yourself starting out?

To get better lighting to cam with straight away. I feel so silly now but I used to cam near the window in the daytime to make the most of the daylight as I looked good on cam until it got darker as I had a rubbish light at first. My windows are velux slanted roof windows in the room I was camming from by the way so people couldn’t see in lol. Also I wish I had started my work related social media pages straight away too. I rarely posted on my Instagram in the beginning and didn’t have a Twitter page until December 2021 or TikTok until May 2022 as it would have helped with more of a following by now.

What do your clients like most about you?

My clients comment how I am always smiling when they come into my free mode chat. They often say how I’m always in nice outfits which they like, and how they notice I make an effort with my appearance every time I go on cam. I love getting dressed up and glammed up, I always have. They like it when I remember them too if Ive cammed or chatted with them before.

What’s your favourite ‘me’ activity? Something that you do when you have time off?

I enjoy swimming and the gym. The gym gives me a routine to start the day, it keeps me feeling positive mentally and helps keep my body toned so I feel confident when showing it off as a stripper and on cam.


Tell us one of your funniest, most surprising, or sweetest stories you have heard when on LiveCam?

A funny story was when I was in a cam show with a guy and he was saying all sorts of dirty stuff to me and as he reached climax he made a really loud aaaarrrggh noise and was shouting Oh Rosie…Rosie because he was enjoying it so much. Anyway the day after he popped up in my free mode and said “You know yesterday, I didn’t realise I had my window wide open and my neighbours in the flat down below heard me when I was camming with you. The neighbour came upstairs and knocked on the door and asked me to keep the noise down” I couldn’t stop laughing for ages when he was telling me and I still laugh now when I think of it cause the guy was mortified that his neighbours had heard everything he was saying to me and the loud noises of enjoyment he was making.

It’s summer, yay! Are you a beach, pool, or hot tub kind of gal?

Definitely a beach kind of girl. Although I live in the north  of England at the moment, I grew up in Devon and spent the summers at the seaside in Devon and Cornwall, there are some beautiful beaches in Cornwall especially. I love swimming in the sea and I always find you get a much better tan after being at the beach all day rather than by the pool, particularly abroad. I also love the feeling of warm sand between my toes it’s so relaxing.

If you were Queen of the World, what would be your first command?

I’m a real animal lover. The thought of anyone being cruel to an innocent animal really upsets me. So my first command as Queen of the world would be much harsher sentences for people who are cruel to animals.

One thing you cannot imagine your life without?

My Dog. My dog is my baby and I can’t even think about the day she won’t be here anymore. Since having my dog in my life it has been better. They are such innocent beautiful companions and I cherish each day with her.

You are highly active on all social media, which one do you find the most useful to promote yourself and communicate with your fanbase

I find my Instagram is the most useful as it’s the best for posting photographs and story’s. Men are very visual so posting a picture or story in a nice outfit usually gets their attention and they tend to interact with me straight away on instagram after posting. I have my Adultwork name xRosieValentine on all my socials so it’s easy to find me on any of them. However, Twitter is useful too for tweeting my Adultwork link with my cam show dates and times that I will be online. My followers are able to retweet my posts which is useful  as it helps get my Adultwork profile out there to an even wider audience and hopefully gain new twitter followers and customers for my webcam shows.


I have seen a lot of your TikTok videos, what is your secret for going viral?

I actually need to make more of an effort with posting more regular than I do on my TikTok as compared to some other cam models I feel I don’t post enough or have a very big following at all yet, so I’m not anywhere near viral status.  I do watch a lot of videos on TikTok though and if I like a video or sound effect or it looks really popular I save it to my favourites and then I come back to it when Im ready to make a couple of my own videos. I get inspiration from my saved videos and make my own version of it. Some of my videos get a lot of likes and comments and others don’t do as well.

Has your AdultWork fanbase grown since you joined TikTok?

I would say possibly yes because you get the most followers quickly on TikTok of all the socials and it has an Instagram Icon link at the top of your profile which can  lead people to your other socials and links. It is quiet for me sometimes on cam but I feel quite lucky that I usually tick along okay with shows most of the time I’m online Adultwork cam. However I’m not completely sure what percentage of my customers were already members on Adultwork or some are new ones from my TikTok cause not all the guys tell me if they are following me on my socials.

What is the best advice you can give to a new TikToker who wants to promote AdultWork?

The thing with TikTok is it’s very strict on what you can wear or act like in your videos, so you have to be careful not to wear anything too revealing or over sexualise your movements, if you do you get a warning, they remove the video with a violation and you can get banned after too many warnings. You can still be sexy in your videos but tone it down more than usual so it’s acceptable for TikTok. Make use of the editing features to be creative with your videos, the transformation videos are a good start. When you get to 1,000 followers you can go Live, going live is a good way to interact with your followers and chat to them. The good thing about TikTok is you get followers the quickest of all the socials and you can link your Instagram to it. Search for trending videos and sounds and save them to your favourites tab on your TikTok profile so you can come back to them and create your own version of the videos, or maybe if you have a special talent, show it off in your videos with a little sexy twist to it. Link your Instagram using the Instagram icon. I get people following my Instagram from my TikTok profile which then leads to people following my Twitter which has my Adultwork link in my bio. Its like a bread crumb trail. Twitter is the most relaxed site for an Adult worker but for me personally I find it slower to build a following. I don’t know if it’s because TikTok and Instagram are just more popular social network platforms these days with more people on them.

How do you motivate yourself so that you are always in a good mood?

I am mostly quite a happy person really. Not much gets me down, I try to be positive and upbeat most of the time. Going to the gym helps with my mood as it’s great for mental health and getting them endorphins flowing, also long walks with my dog. If I do have an off day and I’m on cam and I can feel my self being a bit grumpy il take a break from it as I don’t want to take my moods out on other people. Also I love a coffee or redbul they always help give me a little pick me up.


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