Meet SophiaHazelnut:

Our New Brand Ambassador Spreading Joy!🙈

How long have you been in the business, and what keeps you motivated?

I have been camming for 5 years now! I absolutely love my job! The freedom to work when I want, from wherever I want, wearing whatever I want, really keeps me motivated! I am my own boss, and I love that! And not to mention the unlimited earning potential! It also really benefits me that I’m a very sexual person who loves to make inappropriate innuendos which I’d have to keep under wraps in the usual workplace whereas, on AdultWork there’s no need to hide my devious side in fact, I embrace it!

What about you, or what you do, has helped with your success?

I think being friendly and enthusiastic on cam has definitely helped with my success, I’m always being complemented on my high energy and smile. I’m never one to take sex too seriously so I’m always having fun when I’m online, which really helps create a natural easy flowing conversation.

What made you choose AdultWork? When did you join?

I joined AdultWork in 2018 but, it took me a few months after creating my account to gain the confidence to actually cam on there. It only took one day of being online and I was hooked! I chose AdultWork as I loved that it was based in the UK and it gave you the freedom to set your own rates. I have tried a few different sites in the past but have chosen to cam exclusively on AdultWork because it is the best I have come across! There’s no nonsense of converting tokens to dollars to pounds. Freeview is a choice and not mandatory. You can even sign up to groups which offer daily pay and group chat so you can chat with other AdultWork performers which I love! It’s a great support system!


If you jumped in a time machine and went back to when you first started, what advice would you give to yourself starting out?

I would definitely say, just because you are camgirl does not mean you have to act like a pornstar. Stick to using toys you are comfortable with which are a good size for you, if you even want to use them at all! Just because she’s doing it, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. I would also say don’t be afraid to ask for tips to perform certain acts. Like, I once sploshed myself only for the guy to leave mid show, I then had to log off & clean up which took time, it wasn’t worth the pay per minute rate, it could have been if I asked him to tip first.

What do your clients like most about you?

Hmmm, probably that I’m adaptable and playful so I can really get into my roleplays and dirty talk without hesitation and have lots of fun with it!

What’s your favourite ‘me’ activity? Something that you do when you have time off?

My favourite “me” activity would have to be shopping for sure! I love using AdultWork as an excuse to buy loads of sexy clothes and accessories I wouldn’t usually buy. And if its not clothes I’m shopping for it’s sweets!

Tell us one of the funniest, most surprising, or sweetest stories you have heard when on LiveCam?

The sweetest thing I’ve heard on cam is when a guy was saying how much he loves his wife as he was tipping me to go another inch, that was just adorable.


It’s summer, yay! Are you a beach, pool, or hot tub kind of gal?

Well anyone who knows me knows I love an excuse to get my boobs out in public so for me it has to be the beach! The perfect subtle location for a perky seductive act!

If you were Queen of the World, what would be your first command?

Wow queen of the world, that only even happens in cam shows! What a dream! I think my first command would be no man leaves the bedroom without performing cullingus first! Easy orgasms in the morning are just as vital as breakfast, in his case, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

One thing you cannot imagine your life without? 

No matter what kind of day I’m having, what type of mood I’m in, whether I’m sad, happy, anxious or hungry, my domi wand has my back! Nothing can turn my day around quite like the multi orgasms the wand gives me!  It’s save to say I couldn’t live without it!

You are highly active on all social media, which one do you find the most useful to promote yourself and communicate with your fanbase? 

For me, for now, it would be twitter and fetlife. These platforms allow nudity and promotion of our adult sites so it’s a great way to advertise and pick up new customers.

I have seen a lot of your TikTok videos, what is your secret for going viral?

I am still yet to go viral aha so if you hear anything to help let me know!


Has your AdultWork fanbase grown since you joined TikTok?

I am very new to TikTok and to be honest probably am not as consistent as I should be on there however, I know it’s the best platform to be on to go viral so I’m sure in time after consistent posts I will notice the influx of new custom. Il keep you updated!

What is the best advice you can give to a new TikToker who wants to promote AdultWork?

I’m still figuring TikTok out so I don’t have many tips but I can say not to over think it. I would record the same TikTok over and over and over  aaaand over only to find the first one was the best one. So, if you like the first one then go with the first one, there’s no need for numerous duplicate copies. It turns a quick easy task into a tedious long one. Just go with the flow.

How do you motivate yourself so that you are always in a good mood?

Focus on the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives! It’s surprising how things can change around when you put your attention on the the better things in life!


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