Meet PocketRocketGiana:

Our High-Energy Brand Ambassador Ready to Take Off!🤩

How long have you been in the business, and what keeps you motivated?

I have been doing webcam now for just over 2 years. Obviously, the success and money I earn keep me extra motivated, but I have a 5-year plan . And I need to make sure I smash my goals. AW Is making that happen.

What about you, or what you do, has helped with your success?

Consistent, dedicated and determined. No matter what knocks me down – I always get back up stronger.

What made you choose AdultWork? When did you join?

I chose aw because it was the site others recommended, and I haven’t regretted it since.

If you jumped in a time machine and went back to when you first started, what advice would you give to yourself starting out?

DON’T do anything you’re not comfortable with. Know your limits.


What do your clients like most about you?

My personality. They said I can hold a conversation, which is important. But every time I answer the first thing they say is WOW!! Your eyes are insane.

What’s your favourite ‘me’ activity? Something that you do when you have time off?

Riding my motorbike and photoshoots.

Tell us one of the funniest, most surprising, or sweetest stories you have heard when on LiveCam?

Surprising- I had a guy come on cam that had a fetish for sploshing. I didn’t have any squirt cream he waited 30 mins for me to go to the shop to buy cream and come back. He fell asleep on cam.

It’s summer, yay! Are you a beach, pool, or hot tub kind of gal?

Definitely a pool kind of gal. Sunshine and me = HAPPY POCKET ROCKET. And then guys go mental when I’m happy. 🙂

If you were Queen of the World, what would be your first command?

To men – “Obey me!” To other women – “BE YOU, and BUILD UR EMPIRE.”


One thing you cannot imagine your life without?

My wand ! 😂 just kidding.  Erm probably cam.

You are highly active on all social media. Which one do you find the most useful to promote yourself and communicate with your fanbase?

Twitter is good. Insta shadownban me a lot, and TikTok I’m in my 5th account. I must be too hot for them to handle.

I have seen a lot of your TikTok videos. What is your secret for going viral?

My new accounts haven’t really gone viral. But my old ones – engaging with your audience is key!

Has your AdultWork fanbase grown since you joined TikTok?

Yes – was only the other day someone on cam said to me iv watched all your TikTok’s and I just had to see what was hiding underneath. 😂😂 yay go TikTok.

What is the best advice you can give to a new TikToker who wants to promote AdultWork?

If you are open about what you do, promote as much as possible. How much you promote shows how much you earn.

How do you motivate yourself so that you are always in a good mood?

No, sometimes I’m in a bad mood, but some guys like that, but if not my guys know how to cheer me up.


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