Interview with Wonderwoman

We recently caught up with the couple, Wonderwoman.  The COVID-19 pandemic brought them to the wonderful world of webcamming.  In their own words, they’re “an older male-female couple who’ve been together for 13 years, but not married and experienced in all aspects of a sexual nature”.   Continue reading for their full interview below.

Who came up with the idea of getting into the adult industry?  What did your partner say about it?

Let’s say it’s evolution, we started off being exhibitionists, naturists, swingers, kinksters and dipped our toe into all things sexual.  Add to this Wonderwoman just loves meeting people and making them happy and with the onset of COVID-19 with lockdown inevitably turned our attention to camming.

Who out of the two of you is the kinkier one?

Who is the most kinky?  My partner, I call ‘Stunt Cock’, I guess is the more imaginative and comes up with new ideas all the time.  I’m very willing and open-minded and will try anything new.  We have a huge wardrobe and equipment originating from being kinksters over the last 13 years and lots of real life experiences, which have come in very handy in roleplay scenarios.  As a couple, we work well as a team and can accommodate most requests.

How are you both finding it so far?

We just love camming and rarely take time off.  It fulfils my sociable personality and sexuality and ‘Stunt Cock’ gets huge quantities of sex!  We have met some lovely people on and have a large returning customer base.

Is working in the adult industry either of your full-time jobs?

We now do this full time so I guess we are doing something right.

What were your jobs before entering the adult industry?

We would rather not say what our previous jobs were, other than not as exciting as this one.  This is now our perfect job, we work as hard and as long as we want, have lots of sex and making people happy and get paid for it – what more can you want in a job?

How have your clients reacted to you as a couple?

The clients have been fantastic, we have far less footfall than the single girls, however, our clients have enjoyed seeing the interaction and dynamics of a couple playing.  We have found many clients who have not experienced a couple performing before and enjoy our shows.  They always leave our room satisfied.  Our rating says it all and 70% of our customer base have become regulars.

Did you have to buy any equipment for DirectCam?

You reap what you sow.  We have invested in camming equipment, lighting, outfits, toys etc. and we believe in giving the clearest and best camming experience through the right equipment and pride ourselves on providing a top class experience.

Do you use any toys in your DirectCam sessions? If so, what’s your favourite?

Abundant toys are important, dildo’s, anal toys, strap-ons, double-enders, G-spot vibrators are all part of the show.  My favourite has got to be the real thing – my partners cock.  I’m lucky that I get to play with the real thing most of the time.

Has performing for others improved your relationship?

Performing for others has been a double-edged sword.  Our sex life was always good, but now it’s fantastic and we get to have very naughty hardcore pornstar sex all the time on DirectCam.  However, we are our own worst critics and can put ourselves under unnecessary pressure as we strive to give the kind of performance to a client that we would want to watch ourselves.  We are perfectionists and want to ensure we give the best performance and leave our clients happy and satisfied. 

Tell us about your favourite way to seduce each other? 

We always enjoy touching each other whilst waiting for customers.  It also helps to keep our sexual libido high and ‘Stunt Cock’ ready for action.

Do you prefer being directed by your customers on what you should do for them?

We always allow our clients the freedom to direct or put requests in whether in Group or Private modes.  In Group, we will endeavour to incorporate their requests within our show if we feel it’s appropriate.  In Private it’s the client show and they are free to direct how they wish.  That’s why it’s a little more expensive but they enjoy the control.

What was the most memorable session you’ve had so far? 

The most memorable show …  that’s a tough question.  Nothing has fazed us, there are some amazing kinks out there and we have seen and done them all, provided they fall with rules and guidelines.  We get the most bizarre requests too, the most memorable was just recently.  We had a very long show the other day that lasted several hours and involved all our resources, kinks and energy involving strap-on sex, every sexual position imaginable, anal, CEI, JOI, watersports several cum shots.  What and webcamming have taught us is just how powerful and imaginative the human brain is.  Doing a show and watching a man cum when on C2C is an honour and a privilege, you know then that you’re doing something right. 

Do you set out a theme before creating content? If so, how do you go about your plans? 

Yes, we do.  We are lucky we have the outfits to hand and great imaginations.  Check out our Movie Library and Galleries, themed from the window cleaner, doing more than cleaning the windows and the chauffeur doing more than driving the car – all done with humour and sex appeal.


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