Interview with PixieJade

In a recent interview, we heard from PixieJade. We got to know her a little better and asked her why she enjoys using so much. You can read the full interview below.

How long have you been an member?
I first came onto as a couples account back in March 2018! Me and my hubby were camming together every night but we always got the same question over and over… “can we see HER alone”. Turns out a lot of the time people just want a woman all to themselves, kinda sweet? I think so! I then made my Pixiejade account in October 2018, he just makes movies with me now which in turn is more convenient for him and myself!

What are the best things about for you?
AdultWork has allowed me to work from home in the evenings which works brilliant for me as I am a MILF and so can’t be dealing with having to faff around with babysitters if I was to go out for work! In my old job I was bored, depressed, in the same routine… (that’s retail for you) With this, I’ve got a new spritz of life and I’ve learned so much from all of the different people I have fun with. The bedroom has also never been the same since 😉 My relationship has become more bonded and the money is so much better when it’s made enjoying myself. I’ll never be turning back now!

What makes you unique as a cammer?
That’s something to leave to the imagination 😉 You’ll only find out if you come and see me 😉

PixieJade in her T-Shirt

PixieJade in her T-Shirt

What is your biggest achievement in life?
I am aiming to own the house i’m currently renting, get on the road and be happy! I’m working towards making the best life for my family as possible and living to the fullest! Life is to be truly enjoyed! Work hard play harder? All I do is play hard during work! Clearly enjoying everything I do and that can really be seen!

Any regrets?
My only regret is not doing AdultWork sooner to be quite honest! I spent a few years in dead end jobs and I’d spent that time battling with mental health. I’m now well, active and motivated! I feel beautiful and special in the company of my family, friends, clients and most of all myself.

Twitter or Instagram?
I love Twitter as they love cam girls! but instagram is my addiction however keeps deleting me for being far too sexy!! I always win!

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