Interview with MistressEveXXX

We recently had the chance to interview the amazing MistressEveXXX. We asked her what the best things about were for her. Read the full interview below.

How long have you been an member?

I have been a member for about 10 years!

What are the best things about for you? has stood the test of time and rightly so.  The site can be understood and it’s a dream website for just about everyone.  This site gives everyone an equal chance to make a decent living whereas other sites do not.  😎

MistressEveXXX in black lingerie

Have you used any unusual items during your sessions/meets? If so, what?

OMG, I have a room full of items and instruments that most people would consider unusual…  Let’s just say I have a dungeon that is fully equipped.  🔐

Your top 3 places you have been to and why?

Thailand, Bali and Singapore.  I love beaches and places that are warm.  Going to parties on the beachfront with amazing people – there is nothing better.

MistressEveXXX in swimming costume

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

I would like to have a holiday home in Thailand and spend 6 of the cold months away from London and then come back during the warmer months to do what I love to do the best.  I would like to go on a cruise with an amazing client and I’d like to travel to different countries each month.  ✈

Do you socialise with other members? Who are they?

Yes, I do!  I’m connected with a lot of lovely professional escorts on  I socialise with members that are linked to my profile.  👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻

Latex, Lace or PVC?

Latex and I have lately started to love lace too!

MistressEveXXX in black

Which is your favourite superhero and why?

Catwoman because she’s sexy and I adore cats.

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