Interview with Lady Bellatrix

We recently had the chance to interview professional dominatrix ladybellatrix. We asked her more about herself and why she loves using You can read the full interview below.

What are the best things about for you?
There are many different platforms in which to engage with the service seekers. As an adult content producer, I am able to upload videos and photos in private gallery. Additionally, direct chat and direct cam are a great way to engage with those who might not otherwise be able to meet in person. And of course, as My feedback will show, I have met a lot of service seekers through the site!

What is your best feature/attribute?
My wicked sense of humour. And I’ve got a great ass.

Is camming/sessioning your main job or do you do it on the side? And why?
Yes. I run my business like a brand. I’m the CEO of Bellatrix Inc. On the days I am not sessioning, I can usually be found logged into cam and direct chat. I love the freedom this lifestyle offers Me. I have been able to travel the world doing what I do. I can log into cam as and when I feel like it, as well take a day off as and when I need to.

What makes you unique as a cammer/escort?
I’m Lady f***ing Bellatrix. That’s what!

Lady Bellatrix in red PVC

Lady Bellatrix in red PVC

Have you ever used any unusual items during a session? If so, what?
As a professional Dominatrix, I tend to use items every day that most normal people would find unusual.

What is your biggest achievement?
That would easily be my career as a Professional Dominatrix. I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am in life and have definitely enjoyed the journey along the way. And it keeps getting better!

What do you use most often? Twitter or Instagram?
I use both but probably more inclined to say Twitter. They are different sciences. And on Twitter, for the time being, we can still post XXX content.


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