Interview with KinkyAnna69

Hi there everyone, I’m Annamaria, also known as KinkyAnna69 or Mistress Anna (I think I was born kinky). Definitely was born with lush long legs perfect for my many boots 😉 

I haven’t always been in the adult industry, I was a community nurse for 15 years, which I enjoyed.  But, after working 40- 60hrs a week and the stress of weekly meetings, updates, training updates, where everything needs to be renewed and updated as things change, something needed to change for me.

How did you come across

I was nursing, training to be a paramedic and with the long days, there was barely any time for me or my family.  My own health was suffering and I was losing too much weight.  I had a word with my long term partner (yes he is a sub) and he could see how I was feeling.  I didn’t expect for him to say “I know you and I know you are one sexy lady and very kinky as well and I know we have our kinky fun but have you ever thought about doing your kink and your games for other subs?” I asked him to explain, (he wasn’t on his knees) but, that’s how I ended up on and I definitely don’t regret it.

I’ve always been open-minded. When it came to talking about sex, even when I was working as a nurse, it was mostly me that got everyone laughing.  My colleagues’ plans and sex always came into it and I just added my kinky twist – always love kinky games. 😉👏

How did you feel when the government announced a nationwide lockdown? Did you worry about being able to work?

I was panicking a little as it was mostly real-time sessions I was doing.  That’s when I decided to do more webcam and online training.

Have you ever tried webcamming before? 

I did do it before, but it was more in-the-flesh meetings that I was doing and creating my content for my gallery.  I remember my first night, which was a little weird for a start sitting in front of the camera in my tight leathers and boots.  Not that the outfit is weird as I’m always in my boots but sitting in front of the camera just waiting, but I wasn’t waiting too long before a naughty boy joined my room.  By the end of my first day of camming, I was definitely smiling – leather was off, I got too hot in the end 😉 

Did you need to buy anything specific for webcamming? If so, what?

I already had a Logitech camera, I knew what my laptop camera was like and I thought, “I’m not using that as you need to see me clearly so you can follow my instructions” 😈 

I have now purchased a small ring light which I use on cam, it’s so much better!

Have you tried C2C (Cam to Cam) yet?

I love cam-to-cam.  In fact, I prefer it.  I need to keep my eye on my subs 😉 

Have any of your escort clients webcammed with you?

Yes, I have had fun with my subs in the flesh and on cam, which is great.  I’ve missed them in real-life sessions, so it’s nice to have fun online with them.

How did they find the camming experience?

A few of my clients prefer actual meetings to webcam, but, they’re always happy to pop in and say hi.  We normally end up talking about real-time sessions and how excited they are, thinking about being on their knees again, ready to serve me.  Ahh such good boys.

Do you have any new regular webcam customers?

I sure do and I look forward to seeing them every time. 

How are you finding your work schedule? Has webcamming given you more flexibility as to when you work?

Well, I don’t work 60hrs a week any more, but I do have a private life where I do normal things.  My day starts at 6am, where it’s family time and I’m Anna in my joggers and trainers doing the norm.  Once it turns 9am, the trainers are off and boots are on and my kinky day starts.  I also do a schedule for each day, which keeps me on track.

Are there any online services you offer?

I do Phone Chat, SMS Chat and my online training, which can be done by Phone Chat, SMS Chat or DirectCam. 

What do you miss the most about not being able to escort during lockdown?

Not seeing my subs and other Mistress or Escort friends.  I’m also missing dungeons.

What have you found the most difficult about the lockdowns and why?

Not seeing people.  I think I might have gone crazy if I didn’t have a webcam.  At least we can chat and have fun.  I’ve also missed my holiday spa treatments.

What advice would you give to other escorts who’ve not tried webcamming before?

Give it a go, you don’t know what it’s like till you try it!  Relax and be yourself, pamper yourself before and make sure you’re in a clean room with your box of toys.

What will you do first when the social distancing rules are lifted?

I want to rebook my holiday.  I’ve missed two since lockdown, but not sure if I will be doing that one for a while so I will have to settle for a spa weekend with lots of beauty treatments (heaven).  Yes, I will be bringing my boots 😉 



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