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Hi, my name is carpe_omnia, I’m 43 and live in Cheshire.  I have been a member of since the end of 2018 and I love the flexibility that working on the Site has given me.  I am fun, friendly, open-minded and I love a good laugh.

How did you come across

I was looking for an extra income stream.  When I got talking to a good female friend about how I could achieve this, she then revealed that she might know a way as she was making some “extra money”.  I soon discovered that it wasn’t through working a few Saturday mornings at the local Aldi but in fact through webcamming on  She suggested that there might be a market for a guy on here as it is predominantly female cammers on the Site.

In an industry dominated by female performers, how did you find your first webcam session as a webcam host?

To be honest, I was pretty nervous the first time I logged on to DirectCam.  I was sat there as if I was at an interview, hoping that people would like me and would actually want to come and chat with me.  I honestly need not have worried as the people who came on that first day were amazing and I felt at home straight away!

Do you get more males or female customers in your webcam sessions?

I get a good mixture of males, females and couples but, without a doubt, the majority of my customers are male.  I get a lot of guys who want to talk about specific fantasies, kinks, secrets that they just aren’t able to talk to other people about in the “normal” world.

Are you really a trained masseur?

Yes.  I’m a fully qualified massage therapist and I have found these certain skills have come in extremely useful as the massage fantasy is very popular amongst my customers.  Being good with your hands does have its advantage.

What do you like the most about working on

The flexibility of it is great, there are no set times or days.  I can log in when I want to, have no one to answer to and I am my own boss.  I also enjoy meeting new people and finding out what makes them “tick” working on has really opened my eyes to certain things.

Did you need to buy anything specifically for webcamming? What did you get yourself?

The total cost to me for setting up for webcamming was surprisingly low.  Here’s me thinking I would need a makeup artist, an online account with fake bake and one of Bill Gates’ hand-me-down computers, when in fact, all I needed was a webcam from Argos and a shiny new pair of CK’s.  No one needs to see you in your ‘Homer Simpson’ pants that your mum thought was a good idea at Christmas, do they?

What webcam or setup do you use?

I have a Logitech webcam that I run through my Mac, me and technology don’t always mix, so keeping it simple works best for me and I have never had any complaints 🙂

Do you offer two-way cam? What do you like most about two-way sessions?

Yes, I do offer C2C it is always great to see the person on the other end of the screen.  I love seeing how turned on they are getting during one of our sessions.

How do you find your work schedule, do you have one? Has webcamming given you flexibility as to when you work?

I do not have a work schedule on, I work as and when I feel in the mood.  I’ve got a full-time job away from webcamming and being on here is perfect as the flexibility it can offer me is great.

What other services do you offer? Which service do you most enjoy?

I also offer escort services.  It’s hard to pinpoint the part I enjoy the most as I enjoy it all!  One that is at the top of my list though, is the massage service that clients seem to enjoy.  I think the “happy ending” might have something to do with that though 😉 I love both webcamming and escorting so I couldn’t choose one as my favorite service.

What do you do to keep fit?

Keeping fit is a HUGE part of my life and always will be.  I attend the gym daily and do a mixture of resistance training and HIIT sessions, yes we all want to look good and feel good but also for me it keeps me sane.  Healthy body = healthy mind remember!

Do you have any guilty pleasures? What are they?

Sod it, I’m up for honesty so I will admit it…  I have watched Love Island this year and also find myself dancing around the kitchen to Justin Bieber.  To be fair though, he has had some bangers!

Is there anything you would change about yourself? Why?

I would say I wish I was more confident in how I look.  I get a lot of compliments about my physique but, as I was overweight when I was younger, I’ve always found it hard to take a compliment and always struggle with body confidence.  Hence the reason I am forever in the bloody gym.

What was the last text message you sent?

“I am home safe xx” even at 43, my mum still worries that I won’t get home in one piece… how cute!  Haha.

What’s the most sexually daring thing you’ve ever done?

Well, I am a member of the mile-high club.  However, as daring as it was, it is something I would never repeat as I am not the smallest of guys and the way other people leave plane toilets isn’t the most appealing.  If I get the urge on the plane again then, I think, a nice fumble under the blanket would be more rewarding 🙂

What’s the most embarrassing sexual experience you’ve had? Why was it so embarrassing?

A memorable experience, for some painful reasons, was that whilst during a particular session, I was talking to a guy who had a fetish for sofas.  He asked me to bounce up and down on my sofa as though I was wanting to buy it and I was testing it for its firmness.  You’re probably thinking ‘that sounds easy’ but, 30 minutes of non-stop bouncing resulted in me not being able to walk properly for the next two days.  At least I didn’t have to train the legs in the gym after all those squats though, every cloud eh!

What did you find most difficult about the lockdowns in 2020/2021 and why?

Not being able to go on holiday was the toughest.  I love my holidays and it was very frustrating being stuck here.  I also missed the gym for reasons mentioned previously.  Actually, not seeing my friends and family was the toughest…  Nah, only joking, it was definitely holidays and gym.

What are your plans for this year?

To get away and make up for the lost time by visiting as many countries as possible.  With the lockdowns happening, we have all missed out on so much so it’s catch-up time.  I will also continue to work as much as possible on here and hopefully meet even more fun people 🙂

When it’s a bit easier to travel abroad again, where’s the first place you’ll go?

Well, that all depends on where Boris says we can go…  Come on Bozza sort it out, I need some sun, sand and…. 😉  I am hoping to get to the Canaries or somewhere that is not too long of a flight away. 


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