End of Year Accolades 2019 – BriannaAmore

After winning 2nd place Content Creator of the Year in the AdultWork.com Accolades 2019, we interviewed the beautiful BriannaAmore.  We were lucky enough to get to know her better.  Read the full interview below.

What was your reaction when you found out you won an Accolade on AdultWork.com?

At that particular time I was buying paint for my new house, lol I saw the email notification, put down my basket in the middle of an aisle and ran to my car to call my friend (I really ran) haha.  It really is a huge achievement!

What sort of jobs did you have before getting into the adult industry?

Before working in the adult industry, I worked in the music industry for around 2 years, prior to that I worked in recruitment & family law.  I did really enjoy my roles, however I knew they weren’t for me.

What made you take the leap from your last job into creating content?

I have always been a bit of a nymphomaniac & my friends always told me if I could work in the adult industry it would be my perfect job! I took the leap in September 2019 and joined AdultWork.com to offer webcam & escort services along with creating content.  It’s so flattering to know there are thousands of people out there who can receive pleasure and satisfaction from the content I create.  I plan on improving my content & making it even better for 2020!

Have you experienced any funny ‘out-take’ moments along the way?

OMG always!  Once I recorded a very saucy video around Christmas and had new Christmas lingerie – the first take looked perfect from where the camera was.  Halfway through, I looked in the camera and noticed the tag was still on my lingerie!  I went to leap up and fell off the bed lol (I probably shouldn’t have tried recording so close to the edge) 5 takes later I got it right though!

Was there a defining moment when you realised that you were really good at your job?

I think winning this award was my defining moment, I didn’t think 4/5 months in, I could achieve what I have done.

What do you do to relax?

I usually take a really hot bath, light candles, burn sage and listen to soul music.

Tell us something that very few people know about you

I have a fear of feet!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To begin each day being thankful and grateful for everything, it’s almost impossible to have a bad day if you do that when you first wake up.

Any exciting plans for 2020 that you want to tell us about?

Yes definitely! I’m working on my “recording room” at the moment.  I’ll have a fully kitted, special room to webcam and record content in, which is going to be fun!


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