International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

17 December 2018: The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

The red umbrella is the symbol of Sex Worker rights and safety.

17 December is designated annually as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and is an opportunity for Sex Workers and others around the world to both remember those Sex Workers who have fallen victim to violent crime, and to push further for the rights of Sex Workers to live and work in safety without social stigma.

It is a tragic fact that in the U.K. alone, 182 Sex Workers have been murdered since 1990 with many offenders even now continuing to target Sex Workers in the belief that their victims are less likely to report acts of violence, fearing that their complaints will not be taken seriously due to the nature of their work. take the view that any form of exploitation, violence or bullying is unacceptable and that physical attacks trawl new depths of cowardice.

We will always support initiatives that provide additional safety and security to Sex Workers and want to make sure that all adult industry workers are aware of National Ugly Mugs (NUM) whose mission is to end violence against Sex Workers in the U.K.  NUM not only provide lifesaving warnings about dangerous individuals to avoid but they ensure that anyone who has been the victim of crime receives support, guidance and access to justice and protection whether they choose to report to police or not. will be remembering those who have lost their lives and been impacted by violence on this day, and commit to supporting Sex Workers right to be safe in the future.


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