How to Use Advertising Credits to Maximise Earnings

As an ambassador of AdultWork, you open a world of earning opportunities. Apart from the Free Mode, which helps you maximise exposure and attract customers, you can earn advertising credits. As you upload photos, videos and hold webcam sessions, you will earn advertising credits that you can then use as you please. We recommend you use some of these credits to promote yourself on the website.

We don’t like to boast (actually we do) we have more than 700 awesome hosts online, each vying for maximum exposure. Use your credits wisely to appear on our home page, top of the search pages and get featured in our Movie Library. Take a look at how you can use your advertising credits.

DirectCam Featuring

Make yourself visible to our site visitors by getting featured on DirectCam. This is a prepaid service that will give your profile the opportunity to be featured for 24 hours. When your profile is featured, up to three placement enhancements are made:

  1. Your profile will be shown at the top of search results, (before any other, non-featured profiles), where your profile matches the criteria specified by the visitor performing the search.
  2. Your profile will appear on the gender-based Featured Tab of the service Home Page, i.e. Escorts, Webcam, Phone Chat etc., for the service you have featured your profile for.
  3. Profiles occupying the most recently purchased slots for today will appear on the main site home page.

To feature your profile go to your My Details page and click where it says Profile Featuring.
You can then select webcam from the drop-down menu and then select the dates you wish to pay to feature on.

Next to the dates you will see the price to feature on that day. If you wish to select this, tick the box next to the date and then click the box that appears highlighted at the bottom of the page. You can also choose to position your profile at the top of the search results for specific hours of the day, such as when you expect maximum traffic or the hours that you are online, which is Direct Cam Positioning.

Featuring Your Movie Library

If you have uploaded movies to your profile’s movie library, you can choose to feature this content to maximise online exposure too. Getting your movie content featured not only acts as a teaser to attract more customers but also tells them that you are available for DirectCam sessions. The mode you are in will be displayed at the top right of the Movie Player window.

How to Check Credits

With every photo and movie you sell, and when viewership rights to your gallery are purchased, you earn credits. We’ve made it super simple for you to keep track of your credits and even withdraw them as currency, as and when needed.

For this:

  • Log into your profile
  • Click on My Details
  • Choose Credits

From here, you can choose to see your detailed credit statement, which gives you all the information on how and when you have earned and spent credits.

In case you wish to withdraw credits,

  • Log into your profile
  • Click on My Details
  • Choose Credits

From here, you can choose Transfer Credits. Scroll to the bottom of your credits page to check all the options to withdraw credits. For instance, you might want to transfer credits directly to your bank account. For this, simply choose the option and fill in your bank details. You can then see the amount payable, based on the number of credits you wish to transfer.

Our aim is to always help you make the most of your membership with us. For this, we offer you multiple channels of support, including chatting with more experienced members to learn the ropes, tricks and tips to maximise profits. And, most importantly, have fun.

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