One of the biggest and most lucrative professions to have emerged over the last few years is that of a webcam model. The value in digital sex and the broader horizons in pleasure that if offers have finally come to the forefront. That is probably why top webcam models make 6-7 figures per year, with some even taking home up to £5,000 per week at AdultWork, close to 10x the median pay in the UK.

Long story short, there hasn’t been a better time to give it a shot as a webcam model. With a good setup and a few days of settling into the role as a cam girl, there’s no limit to how much you could earn. It is also a truly flexible work-from-anywhere gig. No matter where you are, squeezing an hour or half for camming is no big deal. Likewise, on more idle days, you could even put in a few extra hours and find more regular clients, which means more money.

Yet, many aspiring webcam models are inhibited simply because they are unsure of how or where to begin. It isn’t difficult to start. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Need to Get Started
Webcam Model

You might be tempted to start off with just a mobile phone with a decent camera, but the eventual inconvenience and downtime might mean less earnings. As a webcam model, earnings are directly dependent on the viewer experiences you offer. So, regardless of how good you are at what you do, lagging or grainy video will ruin the experience for your clients.

Webcams these days offer high-definition video quality at affordable prices and are totally worth the investment. To offer a better viewing experience and manoeuvre the setup easily, invest in a tripod. Another highly important addition to your camming kit is a good-quality ring light, especially if you want to avoid uneven shadows or dull-looking skin, without using heavy makeup.

Setting up an exciting profile, with the right kind of teaser pictures and previews, is just as important. Establish your own style and identity to gain repeat clients and advertise your profile across social media to cement it among your loyal fanbase.

As things start to heat up a little, it’s worth investing in a few accessories that complement your style (think fake eyelashes, provocative or fun clothing and even sex toys or devices). Finally, don’t forget to get a fast internet connection for a seamless viewing experience (for nothing is a bigger turn off than low-quality video) and setting up an inviting, clutter-free space to perform.

Earning as a Camgirl on AdultWork

At AdultWork, you can earn by offering different kinds of services. We are committed to offering the most inclusive environment, where people of all sexual preferences, sexual orientations and gender identities can find what they are looking for. We also offer our webcam models the liberty to charge their own rates, with a share reserved for the platform. You could choose to vary your rate too, depending on whether you’re just chatting with a group or performing at your steamiest best for solo clients.

We offer models a 70% cut on the credits earned (one of the highest pay-out percentages in the industry), not to mention the fact that VAT is not applied on DirectCam. You can further boost your earnings with features such as Free Mode and advertising credits. What’s the best part? Should you wish to expand your services beyond the screen, you can even sign up as an escort on the platform and open up the possibility of higher earnings.

Getting Started as a Webcam Model
Webcam Model

Once you have your setup in place, all you need to do is sign up on the platform. This can be done by accessing this link and creating an “Offering Services” account. Once you’ve verified your email address, navigate to the Profile Wizard option to complete your profile, set your rates and upload photos that’ll help you get noticed.

After that, simply verify your profile and you’re all set to start your journey as a webcam model. Locate the “Start Broadcasting” button on the top to begin performing.

Here are a few tips to make it count as a beginner on AdultWork:

  1. Log in and pick the brains of more experienced webcam models on the platform. AdultWork allows communication between cammers. So, use this to your advantage to learn the ropes quickly and become a part of the community. In case you have any questions or doubts, reach out to Kristine, the platform’s model support executive.
  2. Need a ready reckoner of sorts that lists tips and steps to get started on the site? Check out this article on the “Insider by AdultWork” community hub featuring the platform’s brand ambassadors to know what goes into making a great profile.
  3. It’s important to leverage the power of social media to amplify your online presence. Adopt a naughty pseudonym that gives away what you have to offer your clients. If you work with a schedule, why not let your followers know when you’re going to be online? While you’re at it, also give them a glimpse of all the fun toys that you will be using or any exciting plans that you have in mind for future streams.
  4. As a webcam model, your gear and accessories are your best friends. It is, however, not necessary to buy them yourself always. Create an Amazon Wishlist on AdultWork, featuring clothing (this is the time to get yourself those sexy dominatrix tights), makeup or other items that your happy clients can buy as gifts for you. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to raise your game with a 4K webcam or limited-edition cosmetics kit, you can include them in your Wishlist too.
  5. It’s important not to give into an activity or demand that you’re not entirely comfortable with or aren’t prepared for in advance. Likewise, with a little experience and research into camming, you can explore kinks and activities, such as findom or spanking, which not only fulfil clients’ unique needs but also give you a chance to compound your earnings.

Lastly, here’s a bonus tip – don’t forget to get adequate rest and sleep, and some quality time off. Showing up tired, bloated or distracted in your streams is the fastest way to lose followers.

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