How do you solve a problem like zero feedback?

So, you’re new here and really want to make a booking.  Perhaps you’ve been lurking for a while, read a Field Report that really floats your boat and decided, she’s the one!

You take the time to carefully read through the profile and there it is

‘I can’t accept bookings from members who have zero feedback’.

Why do members want to see my feedback?

Consider this; a single female, working on her own from her own apartment.  She has no idea who you are.  You might have only exchanged a few emails or a brief phone call.

Meeting new people can be a huge amount of fun, but it can also be a little bit daunting for some.

If a member can see you have great feedback, especially from others they know on the Site, they’ll be far more likely to be at ease with meeting you.

It’s all about having a fun time together, you both want each other to feel easy about the meeting.

I’m new, how can I get feedback if no one’s willing to meet me?

Good question!  There are a few solutions open to you …

  • You meet someone who’s maybe a bit more experienced and doesn’t have the restrictions on feedback
  • You gather feedback from another area of the Site, like DirectCam (which is also a heap of fun, bonus!)
  • You ‘age verify’ your account
  • You do all 3 and become ‘Super Feedback Guy’ who all the girls want to meet!

I definitely look over 18, how will age verifying my account help me?

Although many of us wish we looked younger, it’s not about looking 18+.  It’s about you saying you are genuine and willing to take this step.

When you age verify your account, if you have zero feedback, we’ll add in (AV) next to your nickname.

This shows up in three places: Emails Page, email exchanges and Escort Bookings Page.

The (AV) sign indicates that you have no ratings but have age verified with us using an electoral role lookup or credit check.

Having age verified in this way may provide an extra level of comfort or assurance to other members.

How do I get this age verified symbol on my profile?

(AV) will appear automatically on your profile once you have completed the age verification process.

Age verification is pretty straightforward and, in most cases, immediate.  Become age verified now, or view the ways of doing so.

(AV) will only appear if you have no ratings or feedback – it’s just to get you started on the road to gather some great feedback.

Before long you’ll be the guy that everyone wants to meet!


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