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What is a Hot List?

A Hot List is a list of members that you’ve marked as having an interest in.  You can create multiple Hot Lists and move members from one to the other.  Add as many Hotties as you want to as many different lists as you like.  These lists can be accessed quickly and easily through the Site’s navigation so that you can find them easily again without having to perform a search.  It’s just another free feature we offer to our members.

Should I have more than one Hot List?

That’s entirely up to you, it depends how organised you want to be.  Some members have several Hot Lists, organised by area which might be useful if you travel the Country.  Others organise different Hot Lists by the type of service they’re looking for, members they’ve already seen and would like to see again, the choice is yours.  You can add, view, delete or even move members between your Hot Lists.

Adding Members to your Hot Lists

Every member’s Profile Page has an “Add to Hot List” link in the navigation bar at the top and a button at the bottom.  When you add someone, it will prompt you to add them to an existing list or let you create a new list and add them to that.

Accessing your Hot Lists

Here’s the really neat bit… you can access your Hot Lists from the Site’s main Search Menu.  If you click on My Hot Lists it takes you to the page that lets you manage (and view) your Hot Lists.  If you don’t click the link but hover your mouse for a second, all of your Hot Lists will then appear as a sub-menu.  Clicking on any of them will then load up those members in the main Search Page.

Recovering a deleted Hot List

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve pressed the ‘delete’ button by mistake.  Even if you delete a Hot List, you can still recover it.

If you click ‘Add new list’ and enter the ‘new name’ as the name of the Hot List you deleted in error, you’ll see a red message that says “The name you provided for your new Hot List already exists.  If it was inactive it has been re-activated”.  The deleted Hot List will magically re-appear!

Hot Lists are easy to use but if you need step-by-step instructions on viewing, adding, deleting and moving members between your Hot Lists, these can be found here here

More Information & Other Gizmos

Saved Searches

Not only can you create Hot Lists of members you’re interested in, but you can also save your searches.  Instead of building lists of specific members, you can save search criteria and execute those searches whenever you want.

To use this feature, perform a search from the main Search Page and look for the Save Search button.  This Search is then saved under your “Search – Saved Searches” menu option.

New Member Email Alerts

Don’t have time to search but still want to be alerted to new members?  Simply set your desired search criteria and have the Site email you when a new member that meets it becomes active on the Site.

You can set-up your New Member Alerts here.

There are many reasons as to why is the premier destination for adult service providers and their clients, this article describes just a few of them!  It all starts here.


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