Hints, Tips and Advice Part Three

Welcome to part three of our four-part mini-series, where we asked some of our Accolades 2020 winners for their hints, tips and advice on sex toys, camming and the wonderful world of sex.  Read on below.

Any advice on how to respectfully speak to someone who provides webcam shows or phone chat sessions (whilst still getting sexy)?

BendyCuteness: It’s always good to be polite. Be the first to say “hello”, then ask “what turns you on?” or “what are you into?”, then go from there. The possibililities are endless.

LaurenSpencer: Say what you really want but remember that the provider is there to entertain you and not to serve you … unless they’re a slave/sub of course haha. Speak to them like you were actually in the room with them and bear in mind that the nicer you are to them, the better the experience will be for you and them.

Do you believe in aphrodisiacs? If so, what works for you?

BendyCuteness: I guess not, but maybe, that’s because I have a naughty mind and always seem to have sexual desires. 

Billie Peerless: Either a shower or a bath work equally well for me. Just getting super clean and smooth gets me very turned on. Especially if I know someone is going to lick me all over. I’ll torment myself in the bath or shower then be absolutely aching for a good fuck by the time I have dried off.

Charli Pristine: I can’t say I’ve ever tried any …  but I won’t say no to strawberries and chocolates.  I hear they’re good but who knows maybe I’ll find out one day.

LaurenSpencer: Kindness, respectfulness and generosity are the greatest aphrodisiacs, I believe, and I’d definitely prefer them to oysters any day.

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