Hints, Tips and Advice Part One

Welcome to the first of our four-part mini-series, where we asked some of our Accolades 2020 winners for their hints, tips and advice on sex toys, camming and the wonderful world of sex.  Read on for what they had to say below.

Do you have any advice for newbies who are entering the world of camming?

BendyCutenessSmile, laugh, and just be yourself! It really shows when you’re relaxed and having a good time and that will make the customer feel relaxed and start building a connection so you can get them to come to see you again and again. To get more customers definitely try Free Preview as a lot of the time a guy just wants to see you and ask some questions and then they will do shows with you.

LaurenSpencerI’d tell them to imagine that they are the men and ask themselves what they would want, which would be a well presented, polite and respectful girl to be fully focussed on them and enthusiastic.  Obviously, Free Preview is essential, as men will always check Free Preview first and if they find someone they like, they won’t bother looking elsewhere; everyone likes to try before they buy.

Let’s not forget the newbie cam customers – what could they expect from a webcam show?

BendyCuteness: With me, and I’d imagine a lot of other webcammers, we are super open-minded and want to give you a good time.  We are real people behind the screen so just ask what you would like from a show and we can either say yes or no.  If you’re not quite sure what you want from a show, a good thing can be to request a cam to cam, which means we will also be able to see and hear you which can be a very fun way of getting to know each other.

LaurenSpencer: With me, clients should expect the unexpected. I’m far naughtier than I look, and it tends to shock them that I’m classy but also up for almost anything.  Newbies can also expect a really interactive experience, with imaginative roleplay, sexy toy shows, (and so many other kinks/interests we can indulge in) delivered with intelligence and personality in abundance giving a tailor-made/personalised touch.  Cam to Cam and free phone calls really heighten the experience as well!

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End of Year Accolades 2020 Winners

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