Hints, Tips and Advice Part Four

Welcome to part four, the final in our mini-series, where we asked some of our Accolades 2020 winners for their hints, tips and advice on sex toys, camming and the wonderful world of sex. Read on below.

What’s the weirdest request you’ve had (and did you actually do it)?

BendyCuteness: I get asked to do all sorts of random things on cam but one that stands out the most was a guy who just wanted me to act like a zombie and moan “BRAINS” as I was reaching orgasm and yes, I did. It was so fun.

Billie PeerlessI’ve received some of the most bizarre requests that just can’t be taken seriously and aren’t worth repeating … and I think that’s the real question; how do you know when a request is genuine? The weirdest request that I believe to be genuine was to crush eggs, among other things, with my high heels.  The client asked me to crush some items by standing on them then crush others with the heels in my hand as we both sat on the floor observing.  The weirdest request I have actually done is putting someone in a medieval-type cock restraint, then inviting them back a number of times throughout the week to adjust it.

Charli PristineA client once asked me if he could wear my thong and then give it back … no thanks. I actually like my underwear and not I’m sure he could fit into it anyway haha.

LaurenSpencer: The weirdest request was to recite my seven times tables, which I did over and over (as he asked) and the guy was really turned on that I knew them and could do it really quickly. One seven is seven, two sevens are fourteen lol.

How do you feel when someone feels embarrassed but you’ve managed to put them at ease?

BendyCutenessSometimes you can sense when someone feels embarrassed and I find the best way to put someone at ease is to share past experiences of the same kinda show. I always remain friendly, with a positive mindset as I find your body language can say a lot about you. 

Billie Peerless It honestly doesn’t make me feel one way or another at this point.  It’s happened to all of us, when I’ve been embarrassed and wanted the floor to swallow me up then the best reaction from the other person is one of genuine experience and of having been there before. If you can just genuinely put yourself in the other persons shoes then you’re more than halfway there and you can just gloss over it in due course.  There’s a difference between an embarrassed person and an embarrassing person though. A big difference.

Charli PristineI feel relieved and happy that they’re feeling better. 

LaurenSpencerI hope guys don’t feel embarrassed with me in the first place, they hardly ever seem to be. I’m very easy to get on with, very open-minded and have excellent interpersonal skills, so I put them at ease nine times out of ten, but I do get a real kick out of crossing that line with very shy guys and bringing them out of their shells; roleplay is fantastic for that!

Any hints or tips for those guys or girls that get a bit nervous in the bedroom?

BendyCutenessExpress what you enjoy. You’re far more likely to enjoy and have a good time if you talk about each other sexual desires and what you both enjoy beforehand.

Billie PeerlessJust practice.  Take your time and give yourself ample time to get ready beforehand and put forth your best you.  Everyone’s different, so some people would benefit from scheduling their bedroom activity for a time when they can give it the attention it deserves, that way they can conquer their nerves and feel relaxed knowing nothing will get in the way. Whereas others need to just go for it in the moment without the pressure of any build-up.  Either way, getting good control of your breathing helps a lot, as your breathing will tell you a lot about how your body is feeling. Practice your breathing and take note of how your breathing changes, controlling this can help keep you calm if you find yourself getting tense. Just remember that sex is fun, first and foremost. Don’t take it too seriously!

Charli PristineTake your time, have a chat so you’re more comfortable with the person, don’t forget to breathe and remember the other person might be nervous too.

LaurenSpencerIf a guy is nervous, I’d suggest lots of foreplay and asking what his partner likes and to remember that his partner is almost certainly more nervous, as females tend to be very self-critical. For females, I’d say that you should remember that the guy is probably so chuffed to even have you in that position that you really shouldn’t be nervous or worried at all, your nerves are likely based on insecurity which is probably totally unfounded.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our mini-series with our Accolades 2020 winners, don’t forget to check out their profiles and add them to your Hot List!

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