Feel Higher Highs in Bed with These Amazingly Tasty Foods

Oysters have long been considered one of the best aphrodisiac foods.  More than an urban myth, there is actually some science behind the fact.  Oysters are rich in zinc, which improves testosterone levels, which in turn does wonders for performance in bed.  But this isn’t the only food that can help you increase both libido and sex drive, there are some delicious dishes to add to your menu to achieve the highest highs.

So, whether you are getting ready for an exciting DirectCam session, meeting a premium escort or simply want to perform better with your partner, here are some foods that can get you prepared for the fun.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is not just well-loved worldwide for its delectable taste, but it has also been symbolic of indulgence and desire through history.  But even better than that is its ability to enhance sexual pleasure.  Chocolate stimulates the release of phenethylamine and serotonin, two brain chemicals that are known for their mood-enhancing and aphrodisiac qualities.  So, gifting your favourite high-class escort or partner a box of chocolates could be a great idea, right?


Strawberries, with their high Vitamin C content, are great at boosting blood flow, easing anxiety and stress, and improving your sex drive.  Given that chocolates are also excellent aphrodisiacs, strawberries dipped in chocolate might just be the perfect combination to get your evening started.  Strawberries are also known for promoting the release of oxytocin, also known as the “love” hormone due to its association with sexual arousal and pleasure.

Burgers and Steaks

Surprised?  Our hectic lives often leave us too tired and stressed to fully enjoy a sexual experience.  We end up blaming it on our lack of libido.  Another reason for fatigue can be iron deficiency, especially in women.  But red meat is rich in iron and is, therefore, one of the foods known to enhance your sex drive.  A delicious meal might be just what you need to get into the mood.  But make sure not to overeat on the night in question – no one has fun feeling bloated.


Don’t forget to order a side of roasted potatoes, whether white or sweet, to go with your steak.  Potatoes are rich in potassium, which boosts blood circulation and also counteracts the bloating effect that salt might have.  Studies have also shown that low potassium levels could be linked with depression, which then impacts libido.


Before we end, here’s a bonus food – black truffles.  Not only do truffles make almost anything taste better, but they are also a natural source of the female pheromone, androstanol, which has been found to promote sexual desire in men.  Of course, there is no direct evidence to prove that truffles will improve libido.  But it definitely gives you a good reason to ask for some extra shavings of truffles on your next dish.


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