Facebook & Instagram Community Standards Update

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🍆 Facebook & Instagram Community Standards Update 🍑

Recently Facebook updated their Community Standards statement concerning sexual expression on their platforms (including Instagram). 

We know that many of our members use social media for promotion, so this is just a quick reminder for you to check the important updates to make sure you don’t get your account flagged or removed.  The new updates include the use of images, words and even emojis.


Read about Facebook’s statement on Sexual Solicitation 

Read about Facebook’s statement on Adult Nudity Sexual Activity


AdultWork.com doesn’t have any restrictions on using the aubergine 🍆 or the peach 🍑 emojis … we’re all concerned about getting our 5 a day.


If you want to add these emojis to your profile:

Desktop users – press the Windows key and the full stop – pick your emoji (you can type aubergine or peach in the pop-up window if you can’t find them immediately) 💻

Mac users – press control, command and the space bar ⌨


Some other useful links are below: 🔗


Insider Article on Sex Work & Social Media: Marketing Your Business

Instagram Community Guidelines can be found here

Twitter Rules & Policies can be found here


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