DirtyLittleLucy believes that ‘anything is possible,’ and she proved it by coming in first place in the Webcammer category of the 2022 End of Year Accolades. Keep reading to discover what drives her and makes her stand out from the crowd!

1st Place Webcam

How do you feel about winning webcammer of the year?

I feel absolutely thrilled; it is a great honour to have won first place. I am still actually in shock as there were a lot of fantastic entrants this year and lots of beautiful ladies that I was up against. I feel very shocked, proud, and honoured.

How long have you been on AW?

I first started on Adultwork over 4 years ago part-time alongside my full-time job. I worked previously in an Education setting and soon realised that there was much more fun to be had working from home via Webcam! I currently webcam full-time, and I find it fits perfectly around my part-time gym work that I do alongside being on webcam daily.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Growing up I was always a very chatty and mischievous little minx, and this could often get me into trouble, but nowadays it works in my favour being so chatty on webcam and my naughty, mischievous side certainly comes to good use too! I have always loved dressing up and experimenting with different outfits and different looks, fancy dress is my absolute favourite which again comes in good use for my webcam shows and roleplay scenarios.

DirtyLittleLucy Interview

The best gift I have ever received from a customer…

The best gift I ever received was a vintage 6-strap suspender belt, I absolutely adore all things vintage, particularly vintage lingerie and hosiery. I find it so sexy to wear and very classy.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporter is my best friend and fellow Adultwork lady MistressSandyStar, we met through the Adultwork website when we were both full-time webcam girls. MistressSandyStar is such a huge support and inspiration to me, it can be difficult to be open about having an “alternative lifestyle/career choice” to people in the outside world but having people who are also in the adult industry to confide in and gain support from is invaluable.

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Definitely chatting too much! Thankfully nowadays this is one of my greatest qualities that certainly keeps my lovely webcam customers entertained.

DirtyLittleLucy Interview

What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps and get into camming…

I would advise anyone wanting to get into webcamming to first invest in a good-quality set up. Good lighting and good webcam quality are essential.
Secondly, I would advise them to be as open-minded as possible, to always enjoy what they do during webcam shows and aim to give the most stimulating and realistic show/experience to their webcam customers. I use lots of different toys, outfits, and props to try and cover as many different tastes and interests as possible.
Having a range of high-quality photographs on your profile and a range of different looks is also something I believe to be very important to showcase yourself and your many talents. And lastly, which I think is most important is to always stay consistent, smile and look approachable!

The number 1 life lesson I’ve learnt doing this work…

The number one lesson for me has been to never judge a book by its cover and to never be judgemental of people in life that may choose “alternative lifestyles” or alternative career choices. Quite often even these days people working in the adult industry or people who choose alternative lifestyles and careers can face negativity from society and what society accepts as the “norm”. I find this quite sad, and it is about time that society progresses and not only normalises but accepts and recognises sex workers and adult entertainment workers as hardworking, career-focused people. I have come across some amazing people during my time on Adultwork, and it has really opened my mind to be more accepting of all the different fetishes and kinks we as people are drawn to. I have found it very liberating to meet and chat with such amazing people through the Adultwork website and explore the many (sometimes weird) and wonderful kinks, fetishes and different outlooks we all have. Being on Adultwork has certainly made me explore my own sexuality and kinks more and made me more confident and comfortable to do so.


Check out her profile here:  DirtyLittleLucy

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