End of Year Accolades 2021 – LatexRapture

Meet our 1st placed Content Creator of the End of Year Accolades 2021, LatexRapture. From fashion model to adult work, discover her fetish for latex and more!


How did you transition into adult entertainment/how did you get into camming?

I started modelling in my teens as a fashion/fetish model. I was very lucky to obtain a huge collection of latex. When Covid hit, the modelling industry slowed down. As a pro model & natural performer, I decided to investigate other avenues. After talking to a friend working in the adult industry, I researched how to be a cam girl. I found Adultwork, loved the platform!  The rest is history 😉

What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever received from a customer?

Well, I dislike saying the word worst, let’s say precarious! One of my devoted customers, bless him, made me a homemade bondage chair. However, the first time I sat on it, it collapsed.  My ass was black & blue for weeks lol, but it’s the thought that counts right!

As you know I am a Brit, who is an Australian citizen. Aussies just can’t make a decent brew! It’s seriously like drinking hot milk! One of my customers posted me a box of “Yorkshire Tea bags” to Australia. Best gift ever!

Which celebrity would you like to meet up for coffee with?

Elon Musk for sure. I admire him so much. Can you believe he dropped out of Harvard after 2 days? He is now the founder of the electric car company Tesla & space exploration company, SpaceX. Elon, I will have a latte, no sugar please and a “ride” in your Tesla :blush:

Who amongst your friends and family is your biggest supporter?

My mum is my biggest fan 100%. She follows & supports me on all my platforms.  Mum has always said that my porn streak comes from her! I keep telling her to join Adultwork 😉

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

As a very young teen, I kissed my best friend’s boyfriend while she was on holiday. So bad I know, but in my defence, I was besotted with him. Was the worst kiss ever, like kissing a wet fish.  I came clean to my friend & years later we are still the best of friends.

What is your first memory of being excited?

Putting my hand in my panties for the first time lol, but seriously, when I was 14 my mum sent a picture of me to a modelling competition. I won & landed a contract with an international modelling agency. I was so shocked, as I had zero self-confidence as a teen.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

I bought my first car, a white ford fiesta. I then bought a spray can & sprayed my initials on each rear car door. Yes, I hear you, what a pleb move that was!

Who would you most like to be stuck on a desert island with?

Alexander Skarsgård, Tarzan, king of the jungle. The thought of me watching him build us a primitive hut to live in together.  All that sweat dripping down his abs oof!  His hands wrapped around my waist as we swing from tree to tree on the desert island. I am aroused just thinking about it. I would even change my name to Jane for him!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you and why?

Condoms (I am with Tarzan right!). Sunscreen factor 50+ (Without that my skin last about 5 mins before I turn into a lobster!). Bug spray, I attract them wherever I go.  The mosquitoes are like “Hey mates the saucy Pommie is here, let’s drain her blood” Death to all mosquitoes!!

It’s the end of the world, you’ve jumped on the last remaining ship, what three things have you brought with you?

Is this the ship that gets me off the desert island? I would take my Hitachi wand & charger, laptop, so I can keep camming (I’m sure the boat would have WiFi!) & my latex!

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Immortality or the ability to read people’s minds so I can do even more amazing filthy cam shows.

Who in life is your hero (can be a real person from history or, or made up from literature/movies)?

My brother is my complete hero!  One evening he was walking home & smelled carbon monoxide coming from a stranger’s garage he was walking by. He broke in & pulled the unconscious man (let’s call him John) out of his car, called an ambulance & began resuscitation on him. John spent 2 nights in ICU, & miraculously survived. John tried to end his life because he lost his job! Now is happily married with 2 children!  Way to go John and to my bro!

Which song always gets you on the dancefloor?

Kylie Minogue “Slow” I am such a show-off and love oozing sex appeal, especially on the dance floor. The more people that watch me dance the better I perform!

What’s your favourite body part and why?

My clients do tell me I have a designer pussy & sultry eyes. For me, it’s my hair, which you are all about to see real soon yay!

If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like?

I would have a massive fetish ball inviting my cam girlfriends & customers. What a night that would be.  You know what they say, what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors!

Gordon Ramsay is cooking for you, what is he making you?

Yorkshire pudding filled with mushy peas, thick gravy & a pickled egg on the side with a cup of Yorkshire tea! For pudding, spotted dick and spunk, oops I mean custard :blush:

What are the best and the worst things about the work you do?

The best things are that I love working for myself & the flexibility I have. I love to dress sexy.  Fulfil my high sex drive daily.  Connecting mentally with my customers & making friends all over the world!

The worst things are keeping motivated when you have quiet times, it can be a little deflating.  Self-discipline too, this is your job, don’t get lazy.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps to get into camming or the adult entertainment industry in general?

Most importantly talk/or contact people in the same industry.  They are the people who will tell you exactly how it is. (Feel free to message me for advice!) Do your research and join Adultwork.  It’s the best platform and you will not regret it!

What is the number one life lesson that you learnt doing this work?

Gosh, that is hard to answer, I could say so many things like genuine, fun, caring, truthful.

However, for me, the one life lesson that I have learnt is Empathy, my ability to understand, enjoy & share the feelings or fetishes of my customers with no judgment.

Do you have a Twitter profile? What is your Twitter handle?

I have a Twitter account that also connects to Adultwork. I have 11k followers and my handle is @LatexRapture


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