Don’t panic, it’s just email unverified!

Email unverified … the most popular words the Help Centre Team read every day.  Don’t panic, we’ll help you get back on the Site in a flash.

Email’s a funny old thing, we can’t live without it but can behave very oddly at times, sound familiar?

Why do you need my email address?

We follow some fairly strict rules to make sure the email account that is used to set up the account is legit.  We don’t want to send an email to someone who didn’t intend to register on the Site.

Everyone who registers on the Site needs an email address that works.  It doesn’t have to be your personal email address (the one you use to contact your friends & family), in fact, we don’t recommend using that email address, just for your own peace of mind.  It just needs to be an email address where we can contact you if we need to.  One where you can receive alerts or booking notifications that you have requested.

You’ll need to remember that email address, especially if you ever forget your username or password – that’s how we’ll send you a reminder so you can log in.

Why does my email address become unverified?

The main reason is that your email provider has decided we’re sending you SPAM or is just trying to protect you.

We’re SPAM haters here at AW HQ, (both the food and the unsolicited, undesired emails).  It’s just something we don’t like and we don’t do, ever.  We never send you any unnecessary emails, only emails that you’ve requested or if we need to help you with something.

When you first register on the Site, we send you an email that includes a link (this is standard for most Sites).  You click on that link and that tells us you have confirmed you want to be a member here.

What’s the best email ISP?

Over the years we’ve seen AOL and Yahoo throw up the most problems when it comes to rejecting emails as SPAM.  AOL seems to be behaving itself of late, Yahoo is still very hit and miss.

To meet with the requirements of most email providers our servers have reverse DNS and SPF records configured.  To specifically meet with the requirements of Yahoo, all mail is also tagged with the proper DomainKeys and DKIM security keys.  We’re all for stopping spam on the Internet which is why we adhere to these anti-spam standards for marking and sending an email.

Hotmail and Gmail have been far more friendly so we think they’re the best free email alternatives to use.

What happens if I get the ‘email unverified’ message?

The first thing that will alert you to any email issue will be that you’re prevented from logging in.  You’ll see this message:

You need to hit the ‘Re-send’ link next to ‘Verification Email’, then go to your email inbox and re-verify your email address.  Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder in case our email has gone there.

What if I can’t remember my email address or the verification email just can’t get through to me?

The simplest thing to do is to create a new email address and click on ‘Change Email Address’ (see the image above).  That will send you to this page:

Just enter your new details and you’ll be back in business.

If you registered and mistyped your email address, then a verification email is never going to get through to you.  Tried the above and didn’t work?  Just fill out this form and we’ll be happy to help.

I don’t have access to the email address account that I originally used.  I haven’t got the email unverified message yet so should I do something about it now?

It’s best to change your email address now before you do anything else.  Create a new email address, log into the Site and go to Registration Details.  Here you can simply change your email address to the new one.

You are sending me too many emails, how can I limit what I receive?

We have a very flexible Email Preferences Page.  It allows you to specify exactly which emails you would like to receive.

Access it via your Email Preferences.

Remember: If you would rather receive emails with the original content versus a notification that you have a new on-site email, subscribe to the Detailed Emails Notification package.

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