Creating a Wishlist

Did you know that there’s a way to get items from the Official Stores that you want for FREE?  In this guide, we’ll let you know how to create a Wishlist and how to add the items you want to it.  Continue reading for the full guide below.

What is a Wishlist?

Every member on has the ability to create a Wishlist, both for the Marketplace and the Official Stores.  In this guide, we’ll focus on creating your Official Stores Wishlist.

It’s comprised of a list of things you wish for, simple.  The best thing about your Wishlist is that it appears on your profile for anyone viewing it to see.  Oh, and then to buy the items for you.

Who’s going to buy the items for me though?

Unlike other wishlists, as above, it appears on your profile for anyone to see.  The customers (your customers) on are very generous indeed…  we’re seeing more and more Wishlist purchases every day.

It might be something that your customer would like to see you wearing or that they want you to use in a DirectCam show.  Many of our members just like to show you their appreciation or just to treat their favorites!

OK, I’m ready to be spoilt – where do I find my Wishlist?

Your Wishlist is already a feature of your profile.  All you need to do is to head over to the Official Stores here and start browsing for items that you’d like to have.

We’re going to choose the Category ‘Clothing > Women > Hold Ups’ and choose a pair of White Fishnet Lace Hold Ups and hit the ‘Wishlist’ button.

When you’ve hit the button, you’ll be presented with a new pop-up window that asks you the quantity, size (if applicable) and colour (if applicable) you’d like to add to your Wishlist.  You can create multiple Wishlists if you want, we’ve called this one ‘Wishlist – Hold Ups’

Adding an item to your Wishlist

Once you’ve made your selections, hit the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button.  You’ll then see a prompt letting you know that the item has been successfully added.

Adding or updating your delivery address

First and foremost, don't be worried about adding your delivery address.  No contact is made from the Official Stores to the buyers so your physical address will never be made known to them.  The buyer is advised only of the dispatch date (they are not advised of the tracking reference, so cannot track your parcel - this is to avoid giving away your location).

Any purchases made from your Wishlists (or gifts purchased from the Official Stores by other members) will not be processed for 24 hours.  This is unless you confirm your delivery address in the meantime.

If another member purchases a gift for you, you will be sent an email setting out how to confirm your address or update it.  If your address is not updated within 24 hours, the Shop will dispatch to the address currently held on your Wishlist delivery address.

As per the image above, you can choose not to receive gifts from members (that you haven’t selected on your Wishlist).  If you don’t want to receive gifts, make sure you tick the box.

Will I know who’s purchased me something from my Wishlist?

Members have the option of remaining anonymous when they purchase something for you from your Wishlist.  This page will show you the items you have in your Wishlists.  In the purchased column, if a member has purchased something for you, a number will appear.  Click the number or the ‘+’ next to the item and it will show you the username of the member who purchased it for you (unless they chose to remain anonymous).

Can I display my Wishlist on another or my own website?

Yes!  If you head over to your Wishlists page here.  At the top-right of the page, you’ll see the wording “Show your Wishlist items on your own website” Get Details“.  This opens a pop-up window explaining how you display it on another website.

Like a bargain?

Make sure you keep an eye on this page and click the ‘Official Stores’ tab where you’ll see all the special offers.

If you don’t want to wait for someone buy something for you, why not treat yourself – everybody loves a bargain 😉


We hope this guide has helped you, now it’s down to you to add all the items that you would like from the Official Stores.   Our generous members will soon start purchasing items for you.


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