Chelsea Apartment Block Scandal

November’s Shoddy Journalism Award goes to ….

The Daily Mail wins November’s Shoddy Journalism Award with an exclusive article exposing that more than 100 sex workers have been discovered working from a Chelsea apartment block owned by a prominent donor to the Conservative Party.

Whilst on the surface it’s all relatively harmless and even titillating with its reports of “shame-faced businessmen leaving rooms whilst putting their wedding rings back on”, the article unfortunately (and we’re sad to say predictably) very quickly veers into the dangerous territory of linking Escorting with trafficking and exploitation which only serves to give further credence to those politicians who want to close the Industry and criminalise the purchase of sexual services.

Of course, it is obvious to most people that the inferences of a large proportion of Sex Workers being trafficked are untrue and driven by a moral crusade. It goes without saying that the implementation of any such laws would have a devastating effect on the livelihoods of the majority who have chosen to engage in sex work freely and of their own accord.  The voices of the thousands upon thousands of legitimate sex workers out there are in danger of being drowned by the minority working to their own agenda. operate a policy of zero tolerance of any form of exploitation and work closely with the UK Government in putting in place procedures to more easily identify and report trafficking and are very much viewed as being part of the solution and not the problem. Whilst acutely aware of the outside pressures being brought to bear, we continue to position ourselves as THE secure, compliant and responsible advertising platform on the web.  This enables us to fight for our members’ rights more effectively and argue from a position of strength against any threats posed.

One way in which you too can help in making your own voice heard to both safeguard the legitimate industry we work in and to combat online trafficking, is by completing the totally anonymous and secure questionnaire created by the University of Bristol who have been commissioned to conduct an evidence-based research into the nature of UK Sex Work. This study will be vital in influencing future Government policy on UK Sex Work.


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