Chatting with Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose has over 20 years of experience in the sex industry and has been a respected member of since 2011. Charlotte has always been a vocal and supportive member of the sex work community, often giving a voice to those who feel they are not being heard.

Charlotte’s daughter, Marie, recently gave an interview to the Daily Mail about growing up with a sex-worker parent, which also featured comments from Charlotte’s partner, Colin, about living with a partner in the sex work industry.

We caught up with Charlotte to congratulate her on creating positive vibes in the media at a time when scrutiny of the industry is as high as ever.


AW – It was refreshing to read a different perspective when you discussed your meetings with disabled clients, something that’s rarely discussed. It definitely showed a more sensitive & caring side to your profession. Do you feel that the more ‘human’ side to your profession is ignored?
CR – Absolutely! The unfortunate aspect of sex work is it always perceived to be two dimensional: either very tragic or very glamorous, never anything in between. It’s a struggle for most moral opinionated people to believe that people can be sex workers because they want to rather than just because they have to. I have a degree and could quite happily go back to teaching but for me, sex work gave me the flexibility I needed whilst my children were growing up. It gave me the freedom to enjoy my family time while still paying the bills.


AW – If someone lost their job and had three options: take whatever job they could get (even if it was low-paid),  hit the Government for benefits, or start their own legitimate business as a webcammer, what would your advice be?
CR – This isn’t an easy answer as it would depend on what that person wanted to do. By taking the lower paid job could there be room for progression? If not, what’s the point of that?

Hitting the government for benefits would be a challenging thing to do these days and takes weeks just to get seen by anyone let alone get any monies into your bank.

With regards to webcamming, it’s a great instant revenue but it’s not something people should jump into without considering the future. The initial startup is cheap, you only really need a laptop and time. The hours are flexible and the content can be fun but you need to consider your anonymity. For me, I chose escorting because I felt that a one-to-one service would not only keep my anonymity but also keep my work life away from my home as I had small children. But if there are no children involved then camming can be a great money earner.


AW – We all know what happens at 4am when the clubs are kicking out, there’s plenty of unadulterated fun going on (we all remember our early 20’s!). Why do you think the general public think that’s OK but when money exchanges hands, they feel it’s somehow distasteful?
CR – People’s perception of sex is still very sacred, especially women. To which, when you’re in love with someone, sex is a sacred thing but when there’s no emotional attachment, sex (when done safely) is also a fun activity. Society doesn’t like the idea of normalising sexual pleasure or gratification as a paid service, which is sad to think as we all prostitute ourselves in some way, shape or form. A builder giving his body 9-5 building outside in the rain all day for pay is never looked at, yet when a person gives an intimate service away for pay it’s frowned upon.

People think that a sex worker has to do that job, rather than wants to do that job, and this type of thought is just as dangerous to a sex worker as actual physical violence. People’s attitudes need to change and see the fact that sex work is work, just like any other job! Like most people reading this will understand, sex workers enjoy their job some days and hate it other days, but until society treats it like any other job, sex workers will never be able to get the same rights at work just like everybody else.


AW – You’ve mentioned previously that you lost some of your friends due to their reactions to your career.  What would you say to those people now?
CR – Friends I’ve lost due to my work were never really my friends in the first place so, to be honest, I wouldn’t waste time thinking about what I’d say to them. What I would say to anyone who may know a sex worker and doesn’t support them is “don’t let your moral judgment be the downfall to your humanity.” We might not agree with people’s decisions but that shouldn’t stop us from giving love and support to others.


AW – You must have met such a diverse range of people – has it made you a more understanding person?
CR – My passion for people keeps growing and growing every day with the more people I meet. Human beings are wonderful creatures! The desire to be loved, liked and just be, are beautiful. I’ve met so many folks that have been shunned by society or by the perceptions that they’re just not good enough through media portrayals of the perfect person… I say… fuck that! Be who you want to be, try what you want to try, love who you want to love and live life the way we ought to, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others! And remember, you’re beautiful inside and out and we all deserve to be happy even if only for a short while in our lives.


AW – The ‘Oldest Profession’ … do you find it odd that the majority still don’t consider your profession a ‘proper’ job?
CR – Urgh! Not that old saying! But this question is the biggest problem which, until society sees sex work as work, we will never be protected by workers rights. We need decriminalisation to be in force that gives us the same labour rights as any other job. My job isn’t just living on my back waiting for the next client. I have marketing, advertising, admin, phone calls, before any actual physical work! How can anyone say that’s not work.


AW – Are you ever shocked by what most would consider ‘strange’ requests?
CR – Nothing shocks me anymore. From adult babies to watersports to being smothered in peanut butter, I’ve seen it all! We as human beings have so many interesting traits to us and I’m never averse to someone’s requests as I have an open mind and like to try things at least once. I think more people should be like that.


AW – What are your 3 top tips for keeping yourself safe in this Industry?
CR – My 3 top tips are:
1 – Always let someone know where you are.
2 – Use the internet and tools available (e.g., NUM) to ascertain as much information on the client.
3 – If unsure about anything always check it out. Uncertainty leads to danger.


AW – What’s the kindest thing a client has ever said to you?
CR – I’ve had a few clients pass away over the years yet one message I received will always be remembered – “Thank you for allowing me to experience a woman’s touch before I leave this earth, I will always remember this day.” 2 weeks later he died.


AW – Are you able to do anything that you wouldn’t be able to do in a ‘normal’ 9-5 job?
CR – The flexibility sex work has given me is the main reason why I stay with it. That and the pay of course. I can do other projects as and when I need to. I get to spend more time with my family and still pay my bills. I’m not flush as I work to my means. I prefer to enjoy life than to be a slave to pay for it. I’ve experienced so much of life already, especially for my age, and I can’t wait to experience more. No other job would give me that opportunity.


AW – What’s the one thing you absolutely love about this Industry?
CR – Well, of course, I’d say the money but it’s actually flexibility! Flexibility is a very precious thing. It gives me the chance to do all my other projects: TV, media work and of course my radio show! I have a radio show every Monday (Rose Talks Sex) where I chat about the industry.


AdultWork tip: You can listen in to Rose Talks Sex every Monday at 8pm.


AW – Why did you start your radio show?
CR – I started the radio show 5 years ago as I wanted to give the industry a voice through media to showcase the people within it. From businesses to models, to award shows and events, I give anyone listening to my show the opportunity to hear from the voices of the industry and get to know the real ins and outs of what we’re all about. It’s been an amazing journey so far and we can’t wait to be going across Europe next year taking the show on the road.


AW – Who has been the most interesting guest so far on your radio show? 
CR – Oh my gosh! So difficult! We’ve had some amazing guests! Zara DuRose, Rebecca More, Ben Dover, Farrah Abraham, Michelle Thorne, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Pricasso!
I love doing the exhibition shows as we get to meet so many people with so many different stories. Pricasso is a guy that paints with his penis! That was fun to watch.


AW – Who would you love to interview on your radio show?
CR – Stormy Daniels would be amazing! I’d probably cream my pants chatting with her! Getting all the ins and outs! Ha ha ha. I’d also love to have Tina Kay, Ella Huges, Chessie Kay, just to name a few.

We’ve got Hung Young Brit, Rebecca Crow, Alessa Savage, Lucy White and more coming up in the next few weeks so all exciting stuff!


AW – Finally, what are your plans for your future in the Industry?
CR – I’m putting together a two-day workshop event with @_sw_ta (Sex Workers Trade Association) for people to come together and learn more about the industry. How to stay safe and maximise their business and also how to network. Empowering the community is the only way forward for the industry to protect itself and build strength and unity. So many of us live in isolation due to society’s stigma and we don’t have to. Communities are the only way we can be more socially accepted, learn and develop and build a family.

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