Buy Credits with Cash: CashtoCode

What is CashtoCode?

CashtoCode is a convenient payment alternative that gives users the ability to pay discreetly in CASH. With CashtoCode you can pay easily and safely using CASH – there is no need for a bank account or credit card details.

What are the advantages of using CashtoCode?

Easy & Fast: You can pay at any PayPoint location in the UK.

Secure: Pay with CASH – no bank account or credit card necessary.

Discreet: With CashtoCode no account registration is necessary.

Will anything appear on my bank statement?

No, with CashtoCode, you do not need to use your bank account or credit card at all! You can pay securely and privately using CASH at any shop that displays the PayPoint logo (around 30,000 shops in the UK).

How to pay using CashtoCode:

  1. Visit your Buy Credits page while logged into your account and click the “Get Code” button on the CashtoCode tab.
  2. After choosing a currency and amount, you will be redirected to the CashtoCode website.
  3. It will show you a voucher code and a list of local PayPoint outlets where you can make your payment.
  4. Take your code to the PayPoint outlet and ask them for “CashtoCode”. The shop assistant will either scan your barcode OR type your barcode number into the PayPoint terminal. You then pay in CASH and you will also receive a receipt for your payment. The credits equivalent value will be added to your account immediately.

Will the retailer know that I’m buying credits for

No, the retailer won’t know, and won’t care, what you are making a payment for. The barcode has no reference to you or AdultWorks (most people paying with CashtoCode are purchasing online games or online shopping, but the retailer does not see this).


Your credit balance will now have been topped up. You can see your current balance using your Credits Statement Page here.

Easy, fast, secure, and discreet.



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