Avoid Summer Slow Down & Boost Your Adult Business

How to keep your adult business ticking over during quieter summer months

Summer means warmer weather, longer days and endless opportunities for outdoor shoots. While this sounds lovely, the truth is that summer is also a slow period for business.

People go on holiday. They have extra school break commitments. The allure of summer events and beer gardens can take their share of the blame, too.

Preparing for these quieter months will help you avoid summer slow down. If your diary looks a little bare, use the following ideas to make the most of the business that’s out there. Or use the time to prep for the post-summer influx.


1. Enticing offers 🏷

Add special summer offers or limited time services to attract clients to your profile. Cutting prices is an option, but this won’t please your bank balance. Instead, find a way to add value and draw attention without lowering your prices.

For example, if you’ve got a popular private gallery, add new photos but keep the price the same. This gives you a fresh new angle to promote this content. It may draw the attention of a new audience, but also gives existing fans and clients a reason to check out your profile and see what’s new.

The goal is getting clients to convert at your regular price. Summer might be slow, but you don’t suddenly become less skilled at what you do. So why lower your prices? Switching up your service offering makes more sense.


2. Get together with colleagues 👯‍♀️

Sex work is, at times, isolating. However, as a member of AdultWork.com, you have a huge community you can tap into. If business has slowed down, why not arrange a get together with other SWs and AdultWork members in your area? Networking is a great way to build relationships and bounce ideas around with colleagues.


3. Explore new markets 🌏

It’s not summer hols everywhere. For example, in Asia Pacific (like Australia, New Zealand and Japan) folks are still going about their usual business. With a little adjustment to your working hours, you can avoid summer slow down by finding clients who are a little further afield.


4. Refresh your marketing and content 📸

Content marketing is a non-stop business task. When you’re busy with clients it’s often the bit that gets shoved to the end of the line. Use the slower months to finally bring all those ideas to life. Get those blogs written, take those new photos, record those extra videos, give your profile a makeover.

Don’t forget that customers can only see your image descriptions before they decide whether or not to subscribe to your Private Gallery. Take some time out to make sure you’re building enough anticipation with your descriptions to make that sale.

Stuck for inspiration? Then check out these blogs.

Getting all this new content together means you’ll have even more to share on social media, which leads us nicely on to…


5. Get active on social media 💬

Avoid summer slow down by reminding people that you’re there and showing them what you’re up to. Social media is great for this. Take the opportunity to be live and active on your social channels. Post more, take the time to respond to more requests, find more colleagues or fans to follow you. This can help increase your following and place you front of mind.

AdultWork tip: Read our guide to marketing your adult business on social media


6. Tap into seasonal events ⚽

While we love sport and festivals, they’re a helluva distraction. With a little planning, it’s possible to make those distractions work for you and your business.

If you find bookings slow down when the footie is on or a big festival, this gives you some insight into the interests of your audience. Appeal to this interest by creating content related to these seasonal events.

Here are just a handful of the things going on in the UK over the summer months that — if your fans are into — you could jump on the back of:

  • Music festivals (take your pick)
  • Barclays Premiership 2019/2020
  • Cricket World Cup 2019
  • Wimbledon
  • Rugby World Cup 2019 (kicks off in September, so now is a good time to plan some themed content)
  • The Ashes Cricket
  • F1 British Grand Prix (Think you can work out the best pun for that one)


7. Take a holiday 🏖

Been a while since you took a holiday of your own? Sometimes, rather than trying to avoid summer slow down embrace it. Enjoy some time off of your own. Everyone else is!

AdultWork tip: If you go on holiday, use this opportunity for some more exotic images for your galleries. Read our selfie guide to make the most of your snaps.


8. Thinking outside the box & other suggestions 🤔

  • If you’re an escort – go on tour! Take a mini-break, visit a different city and let potential new customers know where you’ll be visiting by creating a tour.
  • Check out the Reverse Bookings. These might give you some good ideas on where to tour next.
  • If you’re only offering one or two services on the Site, check out the ‘How To‘ guides or videos on different services you could be offering.
  • If it’s too hot to cam in the middle of the day, come back later when it’s cooled down or catch the early birds when it’s cooler in the mornings.
  • Update your Wishlist. The Official Stores are always adding plenty of new items – if you’ve got a few moments to spare, add new items to your Wishlist.


Over to you — how do you avoid summer slow down?

Offers, networking opportunities and extra time to create new promo materials are just a handful of ideas. If you’ve avoided slow summers and managed to keep your business comfortably ticking over, we’d love to hear from you.

Tweet us your thoughts @AdultWorki, explaining what you do to boost business or how you use the quieter times to your advantage.

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