Age Verification

UK Age Verification

UK Government Age Verification (”AV”) legislation is due to come into force February/March 2019 and will require all Adult websites (whether UK based or not) to verify that their UK visitors are 18+.

The penalties for websites failing to comply are severe to the point where payment facilities will be withdrawn by Visa and MasterCard and websites will eventually be totally blocked to all UK visitors. It has been made crystal clear that a button on a website asking you to click here to confirm you are over 18 is not an acceptable method of verifying that someone is 18 or over. totally support any moves that provide further protection to children and although we do not see ourselves as being the most obvious site for under 18’s to visit, the content we do show dictates that we must be fully compliant.

As such, we are already well prepared, implementing both 3rd party and in-house age verification systems aimed at making the whole AV process as seamless as possible to potential site visitors to make sure there is minimum disruption to your business.

As the AV launch date draws closer and the Government Regulator hopefully provides further clarity on what is and is not acceptable to view, we will be producing further help articles to keep our membership fully up to speed with developments.

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