Age-Verification in the News

The weeks are ticking down until age-verification is upon us all on July 15th

It’s a subject that has divided opinions.

On one hand, Serge Acker writes about ‘Why the UK’s ‘porn laws’ are being unfairly criticised‘ and that the Digital Economy Act is actually a step in the right direction in terms of lowering the availability of adult content to minors.

Acker has his own bias on the matter – he is the CEO of a company that has a verification solution.  But he does offer some brief insight into how these providers can carry out the process and highlights that it can be done whilst,

emphasising ‘what’ you are, without disclosing ‘who’ you are


Meanwhile, Vonny LeClerc tells us ‘Why governments continuing to clamp down on porn will never work’, discussing the considerable privacy concern, but also that there are a number of existing ways to circumvent content blocks.

The Daily Star suggests that Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox could be implementing their own changes to make things more difficult to enforce.

Finally, if you really want to know more about the standards the BBFC have set for AV providers you can read about their Age-verification Certificate program – be warned, it is not light-reading but it does give some good insight into how sensible the BBFC is being with a strong “privacy first” requirement of any A/V solution.

Whichever opinion you have, choose one of the age-verification options on now and take advantage of early verification bonuses – verify before July 15th and continue to experience just as you do now.

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