A Guide for Advertisers and Performers – What is AdultWork.com and why should you use it?

AdultWork.com was launched in 2003 as an advertising platform for escorts. By 2005 it had attracted the attention of the media, being labelled “The eBay of Sex” by Wired Magazine. Since then, AdultWork.com has transformed into the UK’s premier adult destination and matured into an adult-business ecosystem for consumers and providers alike.

There is no other website on the Internet that offers adult service providers such a rich set of features and tools, allowing members complete control of their online presence, be it through the advertising of services or the actual execution of paid-for work such as phone sex or webcam shows. Coupled with the facility to distribute content such as erotica, pictures and movie clips, members of AdultWork.com can earn while they sleep, and that’s not just the escorts!

AdultWork.com has always shared Google’s motto of “don’t be evil”. There is no need to be underhand, deceptive or indiscreet in order to run a successful online business. The cornerstone of AdultWork.com’s success is the trust that has built up between the Site and it’s membership which currently stands at over 4 million, with over 250,000 logging in every month. Those who conduct their affairs in an open and honest manner will reap the rewards of the unique AdultWork.com client-base. Those who do not, will not.

So what does AdultWork.com have that other sites don’t?

The simple answer is Nothing.

We’ll avoid the old adage that AdultWork.com is more than the sum of its parts but it does have a lot of parts, parts that other sites only have one or two of. It is when all of these parts are brought together or utilised by an advertiser the Adultwork.com experience is incomparable, being a complete one-stop-shop for advertisers and clients alike.

As well as trust and “parts”, what makes AdultWork.com unique is that people offering or seeking one thing can cross over into other areas and become customers or providers of something else. This is a story we hear every day whereby Escorts with no bookings arranged (or no-shows from their customers), can simply hop on Webcam or switch on Phone Chat, even from their hotels!

Before long the freedom to set your own prices, work when you want and from the comfort of your home makes this their new main income stream. Escorts become phone sex providers, phone sex providers try their hand at webcamming and either of these may consider meeting clients they’ve built up a good rapport with. AdultWork.com provides the platform, tools and systems that make this all possible, seamlessly within one (ok we’ll admit it’s a bit dated) awesome (there’s your yin and yang) site.

OK, so what can I actually do here?


All members get a feature-rich Profile Page that will present your service offerings and content adeptly to audiences on PCs or smartphones.  Through our ‘My Adult Site’ offering, members can also directly market their profile through their own stand-alone website that uses one of several pre-designed templates.

Communicate Securely

AdultWork.com has a secure and discreet built-in on-site email system to keep all of your work conversations online and out of your personal email accounts that may be accessible to others.

AdultWork.com has booking forms for escort meetings that use the prices you’ve set to ensure the client is aware of or pays the right price.

Offer Webcam Shows

We've updated the DirectCam broadcaster which doesn’t rely on Flash player.  You can use it from your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. Two-way cam should be a much better experience as well.  Read the 'DirectCam Helper' guide here.

Our own pay per minute system called DirectCam, all you need is a good webcam and a good Internet connection.  Either offer live shows or create DirectCam Special Offers.

Conduct Phone Sex

Like webcam shows, we have two different ways to offer phone sex. One keeps your number anonymous, the client calls our number and we connect him. You accept or reject and then get paid by the second for as long as you are connected. The other uses booking forms and the client calls you at a pre-arranged time, again with your pricing in play and an accept/reject process.

For both webcam and phone chat bookings, nothing happens if you have not marked yourself as being available for the relevant booking type.  This prevents unwanted calls or contact requests when you don’t want them.

Distribute Content

Got vids? If you have made or can make your own movie clips, upload them to the site, set your price and allow others to watch them.

Got pics? Same – upload them here, organise them into albums and let people pay to view them.

Have a flair for the erotic arts? You can upload your erotic stories and artwork to the site and charge customers to read or view.

Remember – at AdultWork.com, you set the price of everything. (For those in the know, we will soon be removing the minimum pricing criteria for movies.)

How do I get paid?

Simples… we can pay your ‘credits’ into your bank account, to an e-Money service like Paxum (who in turn can give you a prepaid credit card or let you transfer funds to your existing credit card!) or if you want you can pick it up in cash at the Post Office. Payouts are performed weekly.

Enough already, what’s the catch?

There’s a couple…

  1. It is not free to make a living.  When you withdraw your credits, we apply an admin fee of 30%. This figure has not changed in 15 years, which in the face of some cam sites charging a fee of 70%, we think is really good value for money.  There are a couple of ways to reduce this, the most popular being to purchase things from one of our Official Stores.  Some members choose to reinvest some of their earnings in premium features that give them increased exposure and in turn, more sales. It’s a win-win for all concerned.
  2. In a lot of cases, we need to ‘Know our Customer’ – you.  Advertising adult services online is not a risk-free business for the advertiser or the platform that facilitates it.  Throw in the potential of making a significant income and you soon fall foul of several regulations and compliance issues (We’re falling asleep already so we’ll not bore you with the details…).  Suffice to say, at AdultWork.com your privacy and security are taken care of but in some cases, we need to know who you actually are.  And yes, if you look young or hail from a country with exploitation or trafficking problems, you are going to find it hard to get a membership here. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of abuse and exploitation.

I love it, so what’s next for AdultWork.com?

To keep innovating. We want to be the best we can possibly be. A few parts of the core AdultWork.com offering do need to be updated and this is our priority for 2019.

We have spent a lot of 2018 working on compliance and regulation issues that may make it look like not a lot has been happening, but this is not the case.  We’ve been very busy bees and contrary to popular belief we are working closely with the UK Home Office, NCA & Met Police along with various University-led research projects on understanding what sex work and the online advertising of it actually is in the modern era.  Only with acceptance and understanding can we take AdultWork.com forward for the benefit of advertisers and clients alike.

OK, I fell asleep but I’m awake now, where next?

Want to know more (but in fewer words) about our position on all things legal? Our regulatory statements and policies are there too.

Want your own website?

You’ll need an AdultWork.com account and profile first, but then you can get one.

Who are these e-Money companies you’re on about?

You’re making this up. Proof, please.

– 89th most popular destination in the UK
– 155th most popular adult site in the World


The eBay of Sex – Wired Magazine
Beyond the Gaze – Research Project
Prostitution and sex work: nature and prevalence in England and Wales – University of Bristol

Google are no longer not being evil.


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