A happy and healthy sex life starts with understanding your own body, as well as your needs and desires. And the best way to do this is without a partner and by flying solo. There’s no hurry or pressure to satisfy another. And it gives you all the time you need to explore what turns you on, what feels great and what feels uncomfortable. Plus, you might just learn a few new tricks to bring into your sexual encounters with a partner!

Most importantly, sexual satisfaction shouldn’t depend on your relationship status. Being able to climax on a regular basis brings multiple physical and mental health benefits. So, here’s a look at how you can explore your sexuality and pleasure yourself regardless of whether you have a plus 1.

1.    Explore Your Body

Connect with your body and its sensations with touch. And don’t just limit yourself to the bed. Of course, the privacy of your bedroom can be a starting point. But go on to try different locations. For instance, prepare yourself a good, hot bath. Set the scene – candles, music – and as you soak and relax your body, touch and stroke different erogenous zones. Pleasure yourself by trying different positions too. Did you know some people are flexible enough to give themselves oral pleasure?

2.    Try Webcam Sessions

Do you need some visual stimulation to help you get going? Then you simply must view webcam sessions of some of our amazing webcam models. There’s something for every type of sexual preference and orientation. Watching live sessions being performed with the sole purpose of arousing you can be an incredibly stimulating experience. You can fulfill all your fantasies through these sessions too. Always wanted to see whether BDSM is for you? Check out webcam models who specialise in bondage. Want to try role play? You can request your favourite model to don the character you wish for.

While watching the live sessions, keep stimulating yourself to experience new heights of pleasure.

3.    Experience Sexting

Not quite ready to be on live camera? No problem. You can talk dirty on the phone or try sexting. Here too, you will find something that matches your sexual orientation and preferences. Sexting could be a great way to play out fantasies and explore your sexuality. You might just be able to write your own erotic story with the conversation! It can also be a great way to play out new fantasies and see how well they work for you.

Just started a relationship? Try sexting to see how sexually compatible the two of you are. It can also be a great way to keep the flame alive in a long-distance relationship.

4.    Discover the World of Sex Toys

Practicing with sex toys can be a great way to learn exactly how to use them with a partner too. Plus, it adds excitement to the solo pleasuring experience. By playing with sex toys, you learn how not to stretch certain muscles and how to reduce the chances of injury during the actual act of sex. You could also learn more about what arouses you and brings you to that quivering peak of excitement.

Some of the best sex toys for solo play are:

  • Vibrators: These come in various settings and sizes. Plus, they can be used on different body parts too. You could even use a vibrator to arouse your partner.
  • Strokers: These fit comfortably over the penis and simulate the sensations of intercourse.
  • Dildos: Available in both vibrating and non-powered versions, these can be used to get the feeling of penetration and “fullness.”
  • Anal Toys: These can add to the arousal but remember to always use them with lubrication.

5.    Practice Edging

The best time to practice edging is when you’re by yourself. Edging is a good way to learn how to prolong the sexual experience. Here, you take yourself right to the edge of climax and then stop just before you reach the moment of no return. Hence, its name. You can do this repeatedly to prolong ejaculation by several minutes. The ultimate goal is to build up the sexual tension so that you experience bigger and better orgasms.

For women, Kegel exercises can help. This teaches you how to contract and release the pelvic muscles. The ultimate aim is the same – to prolong and heighten pleasure.

explore sexual pleasure

Bonus Idea

Record yourself. If you’ve ever done this before, you know how arousing it can be to watch yourself having sex. This is true for going it solo too. Record your masturbation sessions, with or without sex toys. The next time, you can watch yourself and get aroused or even increase your confidence levels for future sexual encounters by seeing you well you can enhance pleasure.

Whatever you choose from the above ideas, start with exploring your body. If this is the first time you’re doing so, treat it like a new relationship – except this time it’s with yourself. Be curious to know more about your body and its sensations. Focus on all parts of your body and not just the major erogenous zones. Stroke yourself gently and caress different body parts.

Most importantly, remember that masturbation is a safe and healthy way to release pent up sexual energy. The climax, with or without a partner, can be a great stress reliever too. So, go ahead and start a whole new relationship with yourself and get ready for satisfying sexual experiences.

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