5 Inspiration Tips for Sex Blog Topics and Ideas

Finding sexy blog topics and ideas

Avoid writing boring blogs no one cares about

Blogging is hard work. Coming up with sex blog topics and ideas takes time. Staring at a blank page is scary and spending hours writing can be tedious. But the most frustrating part is making the effort only for no one to read your article and it contributes nothing to your bottom line.

So, why do it?

Blogging is a form of content marketing and, in a nutshell, content marketing is powerful. According to the latest industry research, 57% of business to consumer (B2C) companies want to spend more on creating content. The reason: because it works.

Eighty-one per cent of B2C marketers do it because it builds loyalty. And loyalty often generates repeat business, which is always easier to secure than finding new customers.

Blog articles are content, so should be part of your marketing strategy.

Running your blog correctly brings benefits.

  • It’s another way to form connections with your ideal clients.
  • You can organise your thoughts and feelings on particular subjects.
  • It gives you a space to discuss your profession and industry (if you want to).
  • Repurpose blogs for your other marketing — emails, social, your website, video and podcasts — and they’ll save you time.

If you’re serious about growing your business with content marketing, your starting point is your blog.

Jumping the first hurdle: how to find blog topics and ideas

You know what a blog is and why you need one. But what holds a lot of people back is choosing a topic to write about. The struggle is real. Even for professional blog writers. But overcoming blank-screen-itus is a skill that’s easily learned. Try these five tips for finding inspiration and you’ll see how quick and easy it is to come up with ideas.

Tip 1: Brainstorm what you know

Start with a massive brain dump. Grab your favourite notebook, open up Word on your computer or get a ma-hoo-sive bit of paper and your favourite coloured pens. (This is being brought to you by a serious stationery geek, so favourite pens are a thing. #NoShame.)

Write quick sentences or bullet points on everything you know about your industry and profession. Stuff like:

  • What you love about your industry
  • What you don’t like about your industry
  • Misconceptions about your job
  • What you know about clients
  • What clients think about you/your profession.

Right now, don’t worry whether the topic is client-friendly or not. Your aim is getting everything out so you can see your ideas. They’ll be rough and ready, so give yourself a bit of breathing space (a few hours or days). When you return, picking out the topics and ideas that can be moulded into a client-friendly blog they’ll want to read, is a quick task.

Tip 2: Get ideas from Google

Start typing into Google search and it predicts what you’re going to write next. This is called Google suggest and it’s an SEO blog topic gold mine.

The suggestions aren’t random. It anticipates what you’re going to ask based on popular Google searches. For example, put in “used underwear” and the following comes up.

image of google search box

Not all of the suggestions are useful, but some could spark blog topics and ideas. Like, how you feel about selling your used knickers? Or any vending machine underwear stories?

It might seem random to you, but people are searching for content on this stuff. Use these suggestions as a source of inspiration for blog articles or erotic stories.

One more thing with Google: scroll to the bottom of the search results and you might find ‘searches related to [keyword].’ This doesn’t always show up, (there is filtering on Google suggest) but if it does, it’s another good place to look.

Tip 3: Use Answerthepublic.com

Answerthepublic.com is an idea generator. Type in your keyword and it returns all the who, what, how, when and where questions the public are asking Google about that term or phrase. Answer these in your blog posts and you’ll solve the mysteries your audiences are searching for.

You can get a few free searches each day. This tool is really useful if you’ve got your own website and use blogging as part of your SEO strategy.

Tip 4: Listen to clients

Your audience like to talk. Listen to what they’re discussing and tap into these subjects for your blog topics and ideas. Make note of:

  • questions they ask you,
  • what they’re talking about on social media,
  • discussions on forums and Reddit.

If you’re game, you could run an ask me anything (AMA). Your audiences’ questions and your responses could become the basis for loads of blog posts.

Tip 5: Industry news

Scour mainstream and adult news sites for relevant ideas. There’s always something going on.

If you’ve got thoughts, feelings and opinions on the latest breaking news related to your profession, you could share these on your blog. It could become your own personal column.

Tip 6: First-hand experiences

Not keen on writing about wider industry news? Narrow down the scope by reporting your own news from your world. Events you’ve been to, colleague conversations, recent shoots and so on could all be turned into short news stories or interviews.

You might not think every day events are interesting. Many of them probably won’t be. But consider your audience and what they want to know. Here’s an example of turning an everyday event into something bloggable:

You’ve got to go shopping, because you need new stockings before your next cam session or client meet. Turns out all your pairs are laddered. There are two possible, bloggable stories.

  1. How the stockings got laddered (from the best of your memory or turn it into an erotic fiction).
  2. Your shopping experience. Readers may enjoy a little insight on how you choose what you do and don’t like and why you like the feel of them.

With a little tweak to the angle, something that’s mundane to you suddenly becomes an interesting story that will engage your audience.

Organising your blog ideas

Now you’ve got loads of sex blog topics and ideas the next step is deciding when you’re going to write and post.

Research suggests you need to post 16 times a month for blogging to have a big impact. HA! Like you have time for that when running your own business. Aim for the more realistic goal of once or twice a week. This keeps your blog current and fresh without sucking up loads of your time.

With this decided, organise your most solid ideas into a content calendar. This sounds more complex than it is. Grab a wall calendar, start a spreadsheet or use an organisational tool like Trello and jot down the name of your blog and the date you’ll post it (pssst… you can also use these tools to add reminders for image and video content creation in between blogs!). Planning takes some of the pressure off and a regular pattern manages your audience’s expectations — they’ll understand when to check in to catch a new post.

Your AdultWork blog allows you to upload an image to go along with your post. Uploading a cute selfie to your Blog will make it stand out – read our Selfie Guide to help you take the perfect snap for your blog post.

Take the first step

Regular blogging gives your audience a chance to get to know you better. In turn, this could attract new clients to your profile.

Ready to get started? Then either grab a pen and paper to get brainstorming. Or if you’ve got sex blog topics and ideas already, log into your account and start posting.

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