Hollywood has made us believe that great sex happens magically. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or are simply ‘seeing where it goes with a given lover, the sparks don’t simply sustain themselves over time. Oftentimes, you need to put your back into it.

Enter the New Year’s resolution. You and I both know that resolutions can happen any time of year, so go ahead and internalize that. You really can make changes anytime. That said, the collective will to make life changes seems to enjoy the concept of a new year, a clean slate, if you will. Understandable. But this year, instead of ‘going to the gym more,’ or ‘giving up chocolate,’ why not work on making your sex life hotter than ever? I’m not talking about pleasuring techniques or specific sex toys here. Having a better sex life, at its root, means trying in multiple areas of life, from sexual health to body confidence, to intimate communication. The bonus, of course, is a better life all around—not just in the proverbial bedroom.

If you don’t know where to start, consider the following 3 New Year’s resolutions (good any time of year) to help improve your sex life.

  1. Explore uncharted territory

If you’ve been wishing something would shift between the sheets, it may be time to try new things. If you’ve got unfulfilled (but unspoken) fantasies looming large—find a way to share them out loud. Candles, massage oil, bubble bath. Then there’s new sex toys  and new positions, or role-plays you’ve never tried, or even places you’ve never touched! Maybe it’s time to masturbate in front of each other. Or—buy some good books on sex to read together. Extend your openness to new things to other parts of your life as well: cook a new dish with your S/O, go dancing for the first time, or visit a new area of your city. New is usually arousing, so go with the goddess.

  1. Be healthy

Fact: overall health has an effect on sexual health. If you’re regularly ‘too tired for sex,’ you may need to do something to boost your energy. This could mean getting more regular exercise (not to be confused with obsessing over your body’s imperfections), eating a healthier diet, and getting enough sleep every night (8 hours—not 4). These few seemingly basic things can make all the difference when it comes to sex drive. Finally, as alluded to under ‘exercise,’ being healthy also means loving your body as is (not easy, I know it), because self-confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and at best it’s contagious.

  1. Turn off the damn TV

Better yet, incinerate it. Ok, maybe that seems rash—but at the very least, opt not to have a TV in the bedroom. Unless you’re a special sort with a will of steel, it can be too much of a distraction—an effortless way to nod off without meaningful contact with the human next to you. Resist this. Nothing kills sexual intimacy quite like TV.

Bottom line: You and your partner(s) deserve a satisfying sex life (a glamorous one, even). When you make this a priority area, you may just be surprised how hot ’n bothered things can shape up to be.

From all of us here at AdultWork.com, we want to wish you a happy and healthy 2023!!!
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