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Silent Calling has become popular over recent months on both Phone Chat and DirectChat.  Thanks to suggestions from our members, we added this to the ‘Enjoys’ list so that everyone can find those who provide this service.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself having less privacy lately, can’t risk being overheard or you might be a little too shy to speak?

Silent Calling is a simple idea where they talk and you listen.  👂🏼


How’s your imagination?  If you’re reading this and you’re curious, your imagination might already be wilder than most.  Have you ever let your imagination run riot?  Now’s the time to escape lockdown life…

Escapism: ‘the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy

Where can I find members offering this service?

You can tick the ‘Silent Caller (Phone Chat)’ box on the Search Page and the results will show you people who have stated they enjoy this. tip: Don’t forget to tick the ‘Phone Chat’ box to be sure they offer this service.

Alternatively, there’s a dedicated page with all the members who offer silent calls here. tip: You can use the link at the top of the page to toggle between all members that offer this service and those who are available for silent calls now.

Save (or add) this page to your device’s Home Screen for easy access in future.

See who takes your fancy and give them a call.  📞

Something specific

Maybe there’s a specific scenario you’d enjoy hearing about – you can try emailing the provider in advance so they can be primed, ready to help release your lockdown tensions.

How does it work?

Silent Calling works by using DirectChat or pre-booked Phone Chat.  Once you have found a member that you wish to hear, you can use the DirectChat link in their ‘Contact me’ section of their profile or request a booking by ‘Phone Chat’ link.  This is also at the top of their Profile Page.

We recently ran a Twitter poll asking members offering silent calls how they prefer to be contacted before a silent call takes place.  Over 51% of members voted for “Email/booking in advance”.

Other alternatives

The Erotica section is filled with both written and recorded Erotica.  There’s over 1,000 recorded Erotica to choose from with many different categories to please everyone.

If you have a creative streak, you could always write or record your own and upload it here.  📤


Stay home, stay safe, have fun!


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