National Ugly Mugs Survey

National Ugly Mugs (NUM) are currently conducting a survey regarding the impacts of COVID-19 and NUM’s digital services.  NUM are also building a digital platform and would like to hear what people need from them.

This survey should only take a few minutes of your time and NUM would be very grateful to receive honest feedback.

Who are NUM?

NUM is a UK charity that works towards ending violence against sex workers.  Using their online report form and contact details, sex workers report crimes they experience.  Reports are then shared, warning others within their communities about potential predators.  

What if I’m not a NUM member?

It doesn’t matter… Even if you’re not a member of NUM, they are interested in how they can add value to the lives of sex workers who are not yet members.

The survey closed at 12:00 GMT on Thursday 30th April 2020.

Signing up or getting more information

Joining NUM is free and you can register here.  During sign up, they’ll ask which area of the UK you’re in.  This helps them get the right (and most useful) alerts to you, but you don’t have to share this information.  It’s completely up to you how much detail you give and how you receive alerts.

More information on NUM, who they are and what they do, can be found in a previous Insider article here.  You can also visit the National Ugly Mugs website here.


NUM have asked us to pass on their thanks and gratitude to all those who take the time to complete their survey.


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